Fliess - Bulletproof DirectDrive

Hello Leute!

There is enough text about pros/cons and overall excitement about DD in my previous topics #fliess. Here I just wanted to put a bit more photos, so that hub fans may also try to build their own DD and finally start riding normal wheels haha.

By “bulletproof” in topic name I meant the reliability/durability of the motor protective cases, which are pretty heavy now, but should serve and shine (V4A stainless steel) forever. As my own experience shows, anything thinner than 2mm gonna be crashed by rocks or curbstones, which leads to broken magnets. Anyway, I like to ride a lot/fast and I never care which surface. So if my motors gonna crash, it will happen pretty soon :crazy_face: If anybody can quickly calculate how strong should be a hit to bend V4A stainless steel tube > 5mm thick, I will appreciate :slightly_smiling_face:

I was naive to think that stainless steel is machinable by my basic tools

But with proper inserts even my cheap minilathe can deal with it

Shit happened to my minilathe

Instead of shitty sk3 bearing

Luckily not a part of a motor :grinning:

Exactly 605g each, I was surprised. Not that much by heaviness but equaliness

Don’t keep magnets like on the photo. Once they suddenly collapsed together and 3 of them were gone

Loctite wants a clean surface

Haha, I was hoping to disassemble the motor by screwing these 4 bolts slowly and hence pushing the wheel mount out. Bad idea to screw against the magnets if mount fitting is very tight

Nice, ne?

Here we go, without this device would not be possible to disassemble the motor

These parts definitely don’t look like new anymore after all these experiments and 1000+ km

2 by Celsius outside. Battery gives a shit btw :confused:

And thanks for watching…


Omg another @fliess thread :heart_eyes:


What are you up to now???

god damn those things are like 2mm off the ground :flushed:


Would it be an Good Idea to just put some urathane on the can and technically make one looong as wheel?

Traction would be killer


Urethane is a poor heat conductor, so then it would have the same issue as a normal hub motor


i love every thread you post, so well-photographed and informative. I want to someday try to make my own direct drive motor like you did. Bravo man

aren’t you worried about clearance? it’s looking pretty tight down there. Maybe with some 107s you’d have a little more breathing room?


well fk, this is awesome ! if you have no need for your old prototype I’d be more than happy to take it off your hands :smiley: !

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Looks great, I don’t think you can break it.

Built to grind.

Also for riding on train tracks.


Thanks for sharing!


@bigben, Loaded Tesseract deck? I have 83mm wheels, so they almost fit without so much unwanted risers. But wheelbase is probably too wide to look nice on beautiful Tesseract :confused:

@GrecoMan, 6.5mm to be precise :wink: I wish to have a bit more, but honestly I don’t give a shit anymore with current protection. So far it’s the only way to stay on normal wheels and have DD.

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@Jammeslu, haha, nice joke :grin:

@faithfulpuppy, thanks dude! Trying to be helpful.

I have described in details my thoughts about clearance and wheels, if you check other #fliess topics. In short:

  1. small clearance is not a problem as it looks in theory, if you have a good protection
  2. riding 83mm normal wheels has much more fun than ugly 90mm+. I am talking from perspective of own experience and just because guys who can ride a board properly (at least downhillers) never go beyond 80mm

In other words, you are right if I wanted a board just to commute, but once you start riding a lot for fun and you try to learn something new, you realise what really matters.


@TranxFu, hehe. Sorry dude, but what is left from the old DD is just 2 protective tubes, which have no value, and appear to be not able to withstand obstacles.

@uigiroux you gonna like that @Hansow last sunday I tought you were speaking about that, not direct drive for MTB

Yes I love this. More inspiration for my upcoming build of DD motors.

What speeds are you getting, and what’s the kv, and watts?

ever thought about aramid/CF tubes? Way lighter and impact resistant.

As long as you manage the temeperature of the motors it should work.

Super Leistung!



@bevilacqua, aha, just like here https://youtu.be/hjErH4_1fks :grinning: Seems like a good/expensive idea.