FLIPSKY 4.20, A Explanation to the mystery, and how to stop the cutouts entirely!

Sorry it is too time consuming I am about to go to my brother and try out 31 pairs of climbing shoes :kissing_heart:


This does sound like really good news, as I was recently disapppointed about how they released plus version when i didnt even got the chance to use regular flipsky 4.2 dual (due to winter and board in rebuild process)

Anyways, i hope to get my hands on hot air station, seems like it will make the job a lot easier as these resistors are really tiny…

So yeh, thumbs up for figuring this out. Really nice to know now that it is possible to have flipsky vesc 4.2 without errors over 30A.

Idk if a hot air station would be easier to use to be honest, all the components are so clustered together and there are lots of plastic an shit that you would have to cover up in in order not burn or blow all away.

Yeh good point. I know they have rather small tips but havent really worked that much with hot air.

I guess will see once i take a look at pcb on my own

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Finally man! The work you both made is remarkable. I hope a lot of folks will benefit from it.


Considering that the 4.20 is currently their cheapest vesc by about 10 dollars (standard one is $85) I don’t know why we wouldn’t want this if it it improves the reliability this much. As long as they don’t raise it by an unreasonable amount and maybe add an explanation of the improvement in the description like they already do there doesn’t seem to be much of a downside. Isn’t this a perfect example of consumer-driven improvement?


Y no I certainly don’t hope so, and I mean they only raised the price on the plus version by a tiny bit and that also included a anti-spark module. Well it won’t help the reliability but it will be running cooler/ be able to run higher powered boards. Well you know what I mean. The question though is how where does the line goes how hard can you push it? Will it be sufficient for a street setup, kinda fat dude on a 12s dual 6374 or is it higher or lower? Well it will always be hard to kinda compare real world tests and “this VESC is sufficient for 12s or whatever. There are soo many factors involved. What I think we should do though is apart from the general real world test and get a feeling for what works and how it performs we should create a generalised test where preferably the same person does a continues load testing on a testbench as well as some burst/interval testing. Well ideally we would start something like that on motors and maybe even batteries as well.


Have you tried 10s FOC yet? I think that would be the next logical test. If that works then you can scale it up to 12s.

Well 12s foc works and should not cutout what so ever no matter how many amps you pull through it.

The next question is how well does it handle continious load/heat before it starts to temperature throttle. We know it should be somewhere between 40-45A for the 628 MOSFETs and 55-60A for the 612. But that is not necessarily the case in the real world with all its factors.

What would be interesting is to test all the Vesc, motors, and battery setups to see how they compare to each other. So we can get a feel for “how” much better or worse they perform.

I’m I am planing on setting up a basic setup so I can start testing contious load but that will have to wait until like may or so.


Good new people! We just got confirmation that they have implemented the changes on some test samples and will send out to one of their local testers in China. :v::ok_hand:


That is great! At least they should send some 4.20 to you, as appreciation for the work you and @Gamer43 did.


They should but China


Y I know, but moi et my friend don’t se any possible issue that will be caused by swapping out the resistors in production, the ideal thing would be if they could sent out some test units first but hey… im not Flipsky. The good thing is that they have started to work on it and hopefully soon be available for the market.

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Thanks a lot. that makes me happy! Well yeah we will see if they will send out some test units before they change out the whole production or not, but I have already done the swap myself on multiple units and as far as my knowledge and testing goes it should be fine :dancer:


This is just too fucking cool. I have a pair of these in my Fuckit Bucket (great phrase), and until I found this thread, did not know what the hell to do with them. I will proceed as you have suggested, and I cannot thank you enough for this insight.

Well done!


Hey thanks that means alot! Moi et my friend just received some new insight from Flipsky and that they are in the middle of moving their factory to Dongguan, but implementing and testing the out the changes are high on their priority list. So I think we should give them some slack, but hopefully fairly soon they should come out with the new changes made to their Vesc’s

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Ohhhkay people so here is the video regarding the resistor swap. I don’t not know how to edit so it is basically all in one take and it is incredibly crusty so I would advise you to fast forward and all that good stuff in order to get through it whitout falling asleep. For sure there are a better ways to do it but this is what has worked for me. I would recommend to do some research before getting into it: Louis Rossmann on YouTube is a good place to start. Then I would mess around on a dead pcb before jumping on the Vesc itself. And please do this at your own risk, but again the Vesc is pretty useless without the resistor swap so🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyways here are the is a link to the video. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCcmmGIrmqg701hivscj4NQ?view_as=subscriber

Might do a cleaner write-up in the future but…


Once again, thanks for sharing! It’s awesome, I’m sure your tutorial will help a lot of us !! And surprisingly I wasn’t absolutely bored, looking the 17min of video, because learning a lot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:

Big Up Guys !!!


Hey @JohnnyMeduse, is this a service you may be able to offer in the future? Upgrading all these flipsky for us rookie solder guys


Thank you for posting the video. Hmm… looks really hard :joy: I hope flipsky offer service replacing resistor for a small price. I need a magnifying glass… damn those resistor too small :joy:

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