Flipsky 4.20 DRV8302 error, but still working?

Yes, I will try that tomorrow if it’s no more raining here :blush:

He’s on 10S. I’m on 11s :frowning: So far I just got 1 fault on foc

Today I rode my same usual commute path and with 25a I got no issues so far :wink:


Worth mentioning, I’m using stock firmware.

Yeah ! glad you could ride it ! :blush:

I could ride it without issues too, but when you don’t cruise and ask a bit more, be careful! The faults could happen maybe (like it does to me, mostly uphill and downhill when you play full trigger at low speed…).

(I’m maybe a bit misunderstood, cause because English is not that easy for me.)

Are you running stock firmware or ackmaniac?

Stock too, I will try to reupdate it, try to make work sensor again, higher batt max than motor and foc …