Flipsky 4.20 DRV8302 error, but still working?

Hi all,

I’m running Skullboard hubs, 11s3p 30q with a flipsky dual esc.

Im running in Sensored FOC with these settings:

motor current max: 30 motor current max brake: -30 battery current max: 30 battery current max regen: -6

Sometimes especially uphill I get DRV8302 error, see for example: 08%20PM

But after that, it works without issues. What could it be? Any idea?


It has hardware issue running 12s FOC during hard acceleration and braking, but no problem at 10s FOC. I guess you have shown that it also doesn’t work at 11S.


Yeah, I read about it and I was hoping was only on 12s. Is there any workaround?

I think one work around that I remember reading was to not throttle/brake too hard/quick/sudden.

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Too bad it does not work on 12s, seems to be a subpar product even though I had high hopes for them


Same. Shame. 10c

Mm how is the accelerstiob with those hubs with flipsky esc?? I am thinking to make the same setup. Only 10s. How is the torque,top speed, battery consumption???

Gr sam

Go 10s or try bigger capacitors. Bigger caps have not been proven yet but it would not surprise me that that would solve it. The current caps look tiny.

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i am guessing the smaller size of the vesc took its toll on overall performance. But you can also read people having faults with other vesc at 12s foc. I would rather play with gearing/hubs than change my battery to a higher S.

I didn’t really ever expect this esc to run 12s foc. I can’t be the only one. You wouldn’t really expect a HK sk8 to run it, hell people even dispute focboxes should do it even though it’s been proven a thousand times that they can.

It’s a cheap component esc made for 10s.

I noticed this…both their dual 4.20 and single 6.6 use the same 220μF 100V caps. People have been saying good things about the 6.6, while the 4.20 has cutout issues. Why is this? @Kug3lis any explanations?

single 6.6 on their website image

dual 4.20 image

Good find. It might be a mistake on their site. @moon Can you confirm that the 6 has these caps?

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They’re same on my dual or FSESC4.20 and FSESC6.6 I heard that caps. will be changed on next 4.20 … Kugelis or Pimousse already advise me to change them on my 4.20s… For same as 4.12 maybe ? (on the right of the pic)

Also seeing many people trying they’re 4.20 under FOCk without issue… Maybe I will give it a try too

Not only those big capacitors, small ceramics and etc :slight_smile: Until @BarbaraZ release schematics which she must I can’t tell nothing much :slight_smile:

Is it going to work without issues on BLDC?

Your too lucky :sweat: … can say the same for me …

Sorry it was a question :slight_smile:

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:blush: got over current and over intensity on 10s bldc … I ride during fiew days all good under 20A motor and batt max, then I got faults during downhill braking… I will make more test with higher batt max see if it change the game … some test here

Edit 1st ride : 40A motor max and min / 30A batt max -15 batt min 2nd : 30A // 25A batt max 3th and good but not that powerful : 20A batt and motor max

I made more change 5Amps by 5A itch time, I change setting with Metr.Pro, I just let you know on the main lines

Have you tried setting it below 30a I remember some people have cut outs with maytech vescs when they were set higher than 30a. I can’t remember if that was batt or motor though

Check out @mmaner Mike’s settings he’s having success with here: