Flipsky 4.20 Dual for Dual 6384?

Hi All,

I am have a custom build I am working on and want the best bang for my buck on an vesc/motor controller. Would the Flipsky dual 4.20 be able to handle dual 6384 170kv motor running 12s?

This is not for an eskate board btw. It will be installed on a custom razor crazy cart that I am building. Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Searching for the technical specs of the ESC should net you the exact answer you want

Hmm 12s is a big nono (no, not that nono) for a 4.20 it’s written on flipsky website

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This should help


due to the aggresive drving style of a cart, you will be pulling a lot more amperage than 4.xx vesc can usually handle. it would be worth it to spend an extra $100 and get the dual 6.6 (without antispark) and use a high current loop key. the only reason i recommend not getting the dual 6.6+ with built in antispark is because ive heard they are not as reliable. ive been using one on 12s FOC for 8 months now without a single hiccup. im running dual 6384 and have been able to easily pull 90a per motor for 30 seconds. i dont have active cooling but ive only been able to use it on 80 degree days or lower. the real test will be this summer.

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Thanks for the reply’s everyone!


Thanks for the real world info and suggestion!

I ran across this one also (FVT Sleeping Lion 120A 2-6S Skateboard ESC) seems like a great deal at $70. I could run two of these, is it any good?

Ive used the 12s version of it, it was the same thing. They have reliability issues amd the brakes are not very proggressive, either on or off. If you want to build a kart, go with 12s if you can. The higher voltage you have the less amperage is needed. I forgot to mention, i bought 3 of those 12s ones a while back, 1 burned out immediately and another has some sort of issue that continually cooks recievers and destroys them the last one works fine

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Buying a dual vesc 6 from flipsky is really the best and cheapest option. Ive tried 6 different escs for boards and none do better than a decent vesc. Buying to save a hundred dollars means you just need to buy again later.

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Ahh not worth it then, I didn’t realize the one I posted was 6s. I need to get to bed …lol I definitely plan on running 12s.

Alright man, goodluck with it. Like i said, vesc is best. Goodnight

Thanks again for the help!

I have used two fvt 120a sleepin Lion for one year with two motor sk3. 149kv. I must say that esc are honest for 70 dollars. Works fine with sensor/sensorless motors with a lot of punch, but you need good lipo and you need fan to prevent over heating in the hot season. If you use them in the winter are a good deal. The brake Is bad if you use full brake, It Is very sensibile but It works with the last firmware. You have what you pay but for a build on the budget you can use them.

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Here is interesting thread with SleepingLion’s https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/efx3-trampa-holypro-35-esc-fvt-120a-tunigy-sk3-6374-149kv-lipo-16ah-8s/14305 I’m sure you will find usefull info in there.

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If you’re in EU I got once for you ! :smile:… (sorry a bit offtopic Ik)

What if I’m using 10s? Can it handle 10s

Check this thread out, the revised Flipsky 4.20 works great with no cutouts.

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yes it’s fine for 10s, no more