Flipsky 4.20 | Vesc | Low Range | VX2 | Mountain Board

Okay guys I need your help… I’m only able to ride for 0.5 miles before my board starts the voltage cutoff and I’m forced to recharge my battery again. I have the following parts:

Vesc: https://flipsky.net/products/dual-fsesc4-20-100a-plus-based-on-vesc-with-anodized-aluminum-heatsink

Battery: https://www.mboards.co/products/12s2p-complete-battery-solution

Motors: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-sk8-6374-192kv-sensored-brushless-motor-14p.html?countrycode=US&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhObf4f7N6wIVEfDACh1wbwhxEAQYAiABEgIadvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Now I understand that the voltage for the 12s2p battery in the photo is a little lower than it should be but that is because they sent me the 10s charger for the 12s battery. Either way I don’t think I should only be going 0.5 miles on it. I went through the VESC-Tool wizards and it had come up with these settings:

As far as PPM mapping I am not able to do that because the Vesc tool doesn’t seem to pick up the VX2 remote at all. Also, it can’t read the pulselengths even with RT App applied. I’ve got no idea how to map it with the Vesc tool and mapping it on the remote just seems unsatisfactory.

hi friend im not sure if i can help, i may be be able to just offer some light advice.

Does the voltage cut off happen only when you ride the board? Have you tried testing the motors by themselves with the vesc?

I have tested them outside of me riding and it all seems fine but yes it normally happens while I ride. I really haven’t just ran the battery down with the motors free spinning.

you should be able to free spin yer motors for about 1 km thats over .5mi but dont run the battery all the way down- that’ll take too much time. probably not good for the esc.

Are you charging a 12s battery with a 10s charger?

Fix that then report back.

There is quite a bit not right in your settings, besides using a 10s charger for a 12s pack.

Check here your cut off start and end voltage you set. Also don’t run hw4.xx on such high bat current. Neither your battery can support that, nor the esc will handle that without overheating. Also check that value on FW5.1 Set it to 85%. If no, you very likely to crash sooner or later if you go full throttle.

Your proper can be caused by the battery as well. Idk your battery. If you have a bms and charge with a 10s instead of 12s charger your bms could be fucked already. If the bms is wired for discharge it can cut off of you draw too much current, or your pack just has so much voltage sad that the vesc cut you off. 2p is not really much for a mtb setup.

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