Flipsky 6.6 dual - half of the VESC not working

I had the same issue happen to me after 3 days of riding. I just sent the unit back to them. Sounds like a design flaw.

Hi All , I had the same issue .The probem is flash memory coruption of the ARM . It is a HW issue and can be cured with replaceemnt of the ARM. Once replaced the chip should be flashed with the ST-Utility wil the default.bin (for vesc 6) . Then the vesc should be rebooted and the USB port wil become operational . After that you can just connect it to the vesc tool and upload the latest bootloader and FW . The ARM chip is available at ebay for 5 pounds from China . I already fixed mine and it is working as before .

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How hard is that chip to replace? Could you send a link? My esc 6.6 just stopped working, won’t connect or anything. Blue light stuck on, nothing else

Any GSM repair shop can replace the chip .You will need the ST-Link to dump the flash from the working chip or you can download the bin from vedder github . With the ST-link you can flash the empty chip .The USB port is not active until you flash it .

No worries dude XD I fried the whole VESC too? or Did I? I found that sensors from the motors were the factor of fucking up one side then another. Now I only got blue lights on both sides which indicate that the 5V is present but 3,3V is not. After some brainstorming on a discord server we came to a conclusion that the MCU needs to be replaced. And maybe you will need to flush the memory with an ST-Link. Check if the 3,3V is present on the non working side. If not, it’s the MCU. Also unplug the sensor wires.

Is it an DRV error or anything else???