Flipsky 6.6 dual - half of the VESC not working

After finishing my electronics upgrade of my Evolve GT, I powered on the VESC and connected it to the VESC tool to set up the motors. Unfortunately, the left side of the VESC soon started flashing a red light and now won’t turn on at all. The left green led does flash when powering up but stays off afterward. The VESC-tool also cant connect when I attach the USB-cable to this side of the VESC.

When it was still flashing red, I tried to diagnose the problem in the VESC tool, but I didn’t see any faults show up. Maybe I checked the wrong place?

I can’t see any burn marks on the pcb or mosfets nor did I smell anything burn. Any help is much appreciated, I was sooo close! :frowning:

Board Specs 10s4p Samsung 30q Besttech HCX-223v1 Flipsky Dual 6.6 Metr pro module Nano remote



Yep, I have had the same issue with all 3 of my 6.6’s. I would recommend staying away from them. You likely did nothing wrong. Unfortunately, only vesc 6 I trust is the official one, which frank charges an arm and a leg for. I burnt out 3, which is the cost of a vesc 6. So I really just lost in the end. Not worth it, just buy the real deal.

Do you get any error msg in the metr app? Like drv error?

Oh shit! Did you contact Flipsky about it? Did they offer you any compensation or offer to RMA it?

They offered to fix them. I will send them back to them. But I have to pay shipping to china, which is not cheap.

I have my sources that tell me its a design flaw. So I would stay away.

It fails to load the bootloader it seems… You can’t connect, you just get a blue light, no red or green. It’s either failing to load the bootloader it getting stuck.

Ahh can’t remember, I’m trying to connect again right now

You removed the heat shrink. Could it be possible that you sorted some of the components?

Dont think so, at least I cant see anything that’s shorted on the board. When you say heatshrink do you mean the plastic cover of the vesc or the battery heatshrink?

Is there anything I can do to fix a bootloader? The green light does flash on at start up but stays off afterwards.

Yeah I meant this

I guess the only option is to send it to China unfortunately…

Aha, well no visible sign of shorts at least. Here’s two more close up pics:

IMG_20181113_191637 IMG_20181113_191633

I’m not quite sure what the problem is. I just know there is a design flaw. I can’t tell you how I know, but it’s true. Don’t waste your money on it. Return it if you can and buy a better one.

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I contacted them and they responded already so at least that’s positive. It seems like I might have to reflash the firmware. Will keep this topic updated, might help others if it works.

Hi @evoheyax: if you know what the design flaw is then perhaps you could let us all know so that This could be improved on in subsequent versions ?

flipsky is already in contact with BV, and donated a few hundred euros to him so far. BV gave them some design input, not sure what happened after that. Been pretty radiosilent.

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Update, I sent my unit back to Flipsky and they sent me a replacement (has yet to arrive).


How is the replacement holding up? I’m interested to know :slight_smile:

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It just arrived. Might hook it up this weekend, will let you know.