Flipsky 6.6 or focbox for 12s mtb

Hello, I need to buy a vesc for a mountain board that has been planned to do 12s2p but I need to know what is best for this and I was thinking about a flipsky or a focbox but I do not know which is better for this

Either is good. Flipsky is based on VESC 6 and Focbox atm based on VESC 4.12. VESC 6 is better in terms of power and features, it’s a significant upgrade. But Flipsky VESC 6 doesn’t have it’s teeth deep enough in the market yet. I personally would choose Flipsky if I need to start a new eMTB right now.


Laurnts, This is not a direct communication to you, please don’t take offence.

But more specifically I want to know, from anyone, can these statements be proven?

“Better in terms of power” do you mean wattage? I have never seen proof of this.

“Better… features” what are they?

“Significant upgrade” what is the upgrade that is significant?

Once again, apologies in advance laurnts, not trying to be disrespectful, just want some empirical evidence.


I don´t have the answer for all your questions and i like focbox. But I know 2 things atleast, if canbus get disconnected on focbox it can fry the vesc not on the 6.6. FSESC6.6 works with higher ERPM limit then focbox. But i guess when you release the Unity it will be the king over both

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I have a off/on-topic question. Your battery will be a 12s2p lipo pack, right?

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Yes I take 4 batteries 6s 3000mah 20c

Flipsky to me still seems kinda shady

If your in a hurry go with focbox or if your not i would wait a bit to see what happens with all those flipskys from the groupbuys

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right now (in my experience) i received 1 6.6 from FS DOA and am having a hassle getting them to admit fault and do an RMA, the WORKING 6.6 actually is pretty good… but i would go w/ focbox for the simple reason that the customer service would DEFINITELY be better than what im getting from FS

for more info i have a post https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/so-i-got-2-fsesc-6-6/71370 You can read about what all is going on in terms of how they are replying and handling this issue thus far.

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Always best to go for something proven over time than something new to the market. I personally have 6 focboxes all working fine and when I did fry two they were replaced under warranty even though it was user error ie; can bus. Still the best performing vesc on the market for the money. @onloop still think it might be an idea to chuck a warning about the canbus in there for guys who are new to this.

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You pay the extending warranty?

Yes I bought the warranties for both I fried. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing. That gets you no questions asked replacement but they will still replace a dead on arrival or something anomalous that happens under the usual purchase price. Customer service is second to none imo.

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This problem has been removed with a hardware upgrade, all the most recent FOCBOX (ones we are shipping now) are immune to this canbus related fault.


That is a great bit of news. Nice one.

ohh i need buy a anti spark for this vesc? how many months you give warranty free?

@onloop I agree that there is no real data test, Yet I’ve tested a friend who have implemented dual VESC 6 and in “real world test” it feels more responsive with power. This can be true and this can be just how I feel about it. A new HW in VESC 6 compared to VESC 4 is expected to be more superior and reliable. We all see it coming here. Yet again you have some truth in it, there is nothing wrong with VESC 4 / Focbox and relatively it’s all user preference.

My preference is to try VESC6 if I build a new board. This can go either to Flipsky and or the new dual focbox.

vesc6 vs focbox unity

to answer the topic, I don’t have a focbox, but I do have a flipsky one, after reading this forum and having hands on experience, with out the doubt I would buy a focbox, or straight up the Unity.

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If you have the printed label v 1.7 on the pcb does this mean that its the new focbox that are immune to the canbus fault. What other HW updates have been made? :slight_smile:T


I’ve been wondering about the changes as well - I thought it was supposed to be posted… I have v1.6 and might purchase v1.7 if it is worth it.

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