Flipsky 6374 single, 75100 Vesc, 10s5p battery

Battery 10s5p weight 2.4 KG aprx Actual size 200mm x 115mmx 70mm

MBoards mounted trucks Belt Width: 15mm Belt Length: 265mm

DIY kydex battery case

Flipsky VX2 controller

Hi all, just wanted to show my build as I got lots of help here. This is my first and only build and I’ve never built anything like this before.

I originally had a different battery but the Mboards mounted truck design meant I could only mount the motor inwards, so had to buy a new battery to fit as the deck is a standard street /trick board size.

That said, I would recommend those mounted trucks for a newbie as it just saved the headache of fitting a mount.

Another issue I ran into was the Flipsky power button died. I switched to a loop switch and regret not just doing so in the first place as its a much safer, more reliable and cheaper option.

The new battery I got is a lot deeper so I upgraded to 1.5inch shock absorbers to raise the deck height a bit.

In terms of performance, I’m very happy with this board. I usually use a 3 year old xiaomi m365 to get to work, and with lots of hills, the xiaomi struggles badly. This skateboard on the othet hand just glides uphill like its nothing. Its incredible.

I haven’t taken it to anywhere near a high speed yet as I’m still pretty nervous on it (even with skating experience already) but I can just feel its got plenty of speed and power for me.

Thank you guys for your help and if anyone has any questions I’ll do my best to answer or help if I can.

P. S. Yes the case looks like shite. I formed the kydex with heatproof gloves and a heatgun. It is screwed to the board using threaded wood inserts (linked) and 8 m4 bolts. M4 x 10mm THREADED HEX DRIVE FIXING TYPE D OR E WOOD INSERT FURNITURE NUTS | eBay


This is a super awesome build. I love it

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This is the build whose 75100 flipsky capacitor fell off. I’m waiting for payday to order a new vesc from spintend (75/100) but just thought I’d mention that, while it was working, I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet the build was. From everything I’d read, belt driven is crazily loud but this one was almost silent.

Thank you man, just a shame it stopped working XD

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What broke?

It’s flipsky.

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I understand some vesc makers put silicone around the capacitors but there is none on the Flipsky 75100. I think vibrations caused it to come loose as a result.

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