Flipsky Antispark switch is NOT safe

This happened to me today… riding on the bumpy sidewalk… board just lost power. Thought I had broke something and noticed that the switch turned itself off. Currently fixing by taping that shit down when riding until I can swap it for something else.

Yea they aren’t good

They have a latching switch and it is too weak. If you own or are thinking of buying one please rewire so that the latching position is reversed with pressed in as off and out and on.

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what a good idea. I had this problem with rockers though too. Anything that is subject to vibration can momentarily become undone.
Get this I have a nasty switch I pulled off of a cheap chinese esc and wired to my bms. It is great. Soft latch. I have ridden that thing over all kinds of horrible surfaces, the kind that make your teeth chatter and still it works. The only thing worth salvaging from that pos. Even the sun shines on a dogs arse occasionally.
Really though there is only the loop key that is bullet proof. Sooner or later that thing will fail and put me in the neighbours yard…again.

I had the same issue the spring is super weak. just swap the on position to out. it works. Also me anti spark failed and got stuck on. Key loops way better. Less to go wrong


I swapped the switch come with it to a rocker switch, works fine so far.

But loop key is definitely the better way to do it.

I just got a new one from HyperIon, push to start with a auto timeout it works great considering I ride my board dead anyways

Ok so this thread is from nearly 4 years ago but I just had the same thing happen to me after I bought a flipsky dual vesc with antispark switch from someone on facebook marketplace who had purchased and never used.

I’m using it on a mountainboard and the first time it cut out I thought “ok maybe a rock hit the switch just right” but then the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th 8th and 9th times I started to get increasingly suspicious that there was a problem with this switch. Sounds like rewiring on/off is a better solution than using tape to keep it closed.

switch should be mounted perpendicular to earth. Such as on side of enclosure.

Mine was mounted perpendicular to earth and the button mechanism is just so weak that it popped out due to vibration. I’ve gone with loop-key since then