Flipsky Antispark switch is NOT safe

So, I’m replacing the switch on my antispark from flipsky, it turned itself off and I lost control of my board and as a result was hit off my board by a car… I’m okay, was wearing my helmet and knee pads so road rash is minimal, however my 1300$ Lenovo Think pad is having to be sent to the service center due to not powering on anymore and I cracked my helmet from hitting a curb, and my backpack is now trash. Great way to start my school day. Be safe out there guys.

The switch they send is too soft and it’s defeated by the vibrations in the road


Can you show us how it was installed? Is this the smart switch or the basic one?


It’s installed top side and the whole ride the board was turning itself off, I thought I was stepping on it so I got off and sent it over a bump and it turned off

Which Flipsky switch were you using?

I’ll post it when I get home, I’m in school rn, and will be until arpund 7pm my time (it’s almost noon)

I’m not sure because I didn’t buy it, it was given to me for free as well as some other parts from a local eboard seller

You believe the button was depressing when you went over bumps?

No, I know the button turns off when it rides over bumps…

This is the off position 1541526952397527195730

This is the on position… 15415270316061364221800

there is a light, when I hit a bump the light turns off and the button returns to the raised position

ahhh so it’s a physical problem, maybe it’s a batch issue? I remember Raptor 1 came with these types of latching buttons back in the day, had that same issue, which is why they use toggle/rocker? swtiches now

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Thanks for the update on these. I had a fear of using this type of button switch for this exact reason.

I’ve used these rocker switches in the past and they’ve been working well.

My brother got hit by a car once, he says it sucks. Glad you’re ok. Meditate and you’ll be fine in what, like 15 minutes?

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I have the same latching switch on my antispark switch from @eLDoska and havent had a single problem over 500 miles so must be a batch issue

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Just wire it up so off is on and on is off, easy way to turn the board on is by dropping it hahaha.


I bought a automotive toggle

I fucking keep saying we need soft-latch switch to end this random power cut madness !

@Nordle has been on it too (need to get back on my thread and my fucking schematics then get it troubleshot and done by a competent engineer).

It’s incredible nobody so far has proposed a standalone soft-latch switch for DIYers. And yet we get 80km/h capable fucking boards

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This is a latch switch I believe… it’s just too soft and vibrations are able to overcome it

if u look it physically locks into the on position and then when it’s off it’s raised up

Yep yours is a mechanical latch-locking switch ; a soft-latch is like your smartphone button, it is always up and as a press = ON / hold few seconds = OFF function. Vibrations couldn’t undo this type of switch cause it is not mechanical anymore.

Ahhh, yea I need tht

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I was thinking about getting one of these. Which one you have? V2.1 smart switch or V2.0 pro switch? I will likely to swap to a rocker switch tho.

I think I have the pro switch, idk, HyperIon is sending me a new one to test soon, so I will have both