A new batch of FSVES6.6 200A are ready to ship. I can get a solid price of 235$ shipped if we can get 20 unit or more order. image image image image image


Using this ESC right now, it’s a fantastic performer, especially considering the price.

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Same I got it from HyperIon, the only issue I have had was a weird spin up, but that’s because it’s picky on the phase wires, if u flip the 2 side wires and rerun detection u will be golden

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@Holyman92 I have a new high amp switch for you. I’ll post it tonight.

Bet, I’ll keep an eye out for it

What do you mean weird spin up?

So I wpuld tap the throttle and one motor would throw an abs limit fault code the other wpuld ramp up to max speed and then slow down on its own, and that would be from a trigger tap only. Flipped the motor that was throwing the code and reran detection and it worked like a charm

I see, haven’t encountered that problem yet.

Yea it was weird but it’s a common issue from vesc that’s how I figured out what to do

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Is there a way for an EU group buy? Not sure if there is an interest in. Just wanted to know if it would be possible

If we have enough interest in a EU group buy I’m sure something can be done.

Not to be critical, but the Unity seems to be cheaper (at least in group buys they are around $210 shipped) and I haven’t heard the best things about Filpsky on the forum thus far. Other than a slightly higher max current, which is really just limited by cooling anyway, is there really a benefit to this over the Unity?

Seems like a Unity and a $25 aluminum heatsink would bet a better and equal cost option but I’d love to find out that I am wrong and there are benefits to the Flipsky 6.6.

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True, but they are improving each run. The unity is at the moment a great price in group buys. The focbox is being phased out with limited numbers available. The first batch of unity’s are sold and second batch will ship late February. And after the first of the year unity’s will not be sold directly to the public anymore. It will go to resellers and the group prices will be no more. So some changes on the horizon. I have 6 unity’s order from first batch. By the time of the second it will be bulk prices.

Where there is a group buy for the unity for 210$ shipped? I know only one and this one is already finished. Is there another?

Not sure TBH. Maybe everyone looking for a cheap dual VESC has to either use this or wait until the next Unity group buy…

very unlikely for a group buy, enertion has it at a 100 units at $210, that’s a $21,000 order.

Improving but I see they forgot their obligations…

My dual is running great… my only gripe is the hugely inaccurate fluctuations in the voltage readings… I’d buy another if they sorted it.

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Maybe I can get another Unity group buy together for my the esk8 builders club at my university. If I can get 25+ people from there plus some Unities I want for my own small building business I think we can get 100 people together. Unfortunately though I would need to take money in advance because I do not have $21,000 sitting around. I doubt Enertion would forget it’s roots and deny the community another group buy if we get 100 orders together.

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They are the through of doing a 50 unit group buy when the unity was at preorder phase with the smallest amount of units needed. Not sure if they got the 50 but I think you would have a hard time finding 100 people.

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