Flipsky dual 6.6 red flashing LEDs?

Alright so I finally got everything soldered and connected, ready to get at least one week of riding in before the snow and my 6.6 wont turn on. The first time I connected my battery I got the blue lights and the green ones, followed shortly by a quick flash of red and green and the blue lights fading out. I have tried reconnecting since but each time I am met with just blue lights followed by a flash of green and red then the blue fades all in under 5 seconds. If I leave it off for over 5 mins and then connect the battery I get a few seconds of green and blue and I get the USB connected notif in windows but it is followed soon after by the red and green flash.

I I have no clue what this is since I cant find LED codes anywhere online and my VESC isnt on long enough for me to get a connection in VESC tool. I’ve insulated all my connections and am running a 12s bypassed discharge battery. Does anyone know what might be causing this or what these LED codes are? Or even if theres a was to diagnose the problem?

Welp turns out you HAVE to use flipskys pro switch, just plugging in my xt-90s loopkey prevents it from turning on without the power button connected…