FlipSky Dual FSESC4.20 Info/Review

It seems wrongly advertised to me with the up to 60v compatibility while simultaneously stating 50a continuous. I’m not saying I expect it to be a Focbox or Flipsky 6.6, but it seems this box doesn’t like to run much above 38a at 9-10s.

I’m just saying I think they should change their claimed specs, leave the price.

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The caps on this 4.20 are the same as their single 6.6. People have been saying good things about the 6.6. Their single 4.12 is good too. So not sure what they changed to make this dual 4.20…


Yep. all settings are for each motor.


The caps are very different.

6x 220uF on the 4.2 and 6x 470uF on the 6.6.

The single 4.12 has 3x 680uF so has more than the total of the dual 4.2 on a single.

I should clarify that I have added 4x 470uF capacitors close to the FSESC as the negative battery cable is quite lengthy in my setup. runs nearly the completed length of the wheel base.

I have not tested whether the board acts differently with less capacitors at 38 amps.


My experience is that BLDC needs a push to start but FOC stutters slightly and then starts moving.

But I am 240 pounds and when my brother who is closer to 180 pounds rode the board with my old setup of a single 4.12 in BLDC he was able to get the board moving from a complete stand still with no cogging at all.

so weight is a huge factor.

I know adding sensors will make it a hell of a lot smoother but have not had a chance to use sensored motors as yet. although I have 2 here waiting on my next build.

I’m talking about this:

Continuing the discussion from Flipsky 4.20 DRV8302 error, but still working?:

i didn’t realise the single one only had the 220uF capacitors.

A new one.

I hope they made it better and not only add antispark… @mmaner any chance you will get it for tests from them?

I kind of doubt it, they like to spred the love :grinning:.

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Hehehehehe they should :slight_smile: You gave them good review and they are using it on their website. They shouldn’t expect that some one will order it for science. @BarbaraZ are you the right person to make it happen?

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when I see the new character down I hope it does not FAULTS anymore…


I would be slightly worried they went from 1,320uF capacitance down to 880uF so they could fit the anti-spark switch.

A single 4.12 VESC has 2,040uF. Wouldn’t such a reduction add a lot more noise and make it more unreliable?

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At 10s 60a it should fine. Just remember these are mid-range speed controllers, they aren’t high performance. Cruisers only.


Hi Noob here, I’m waiting for mine to arrive. Questions, is the rf receiver for the remote built on to the board or will I have to buy a flipsky remote with chip? Or can I just buy the receiver chip by itself as I have a couple of those remotes from my wowgo/ meepo days. Lastly what size jst connectors are used for the hall sensors, number pins and pitch etc? Want to connect esc to wowgo hubs. Thanks

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No, you will have to supply a remote and RX. The hall sensor are standard, JST 2.0. I believe.


Thanks for getting back. So my only option is to buy the flipsky remote that comes with the rf module? I was hoping to avoid buying direct to China as cost and import charges to UK seem pricey. Do you know if the remote and rf be picked up in the EU?

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You can use any remote. If you want an inexpensive remote, talk to @JLabs or @thisguyhere. If you want a great remote look at the Hoyt Puck.


Thanks again. Though remotes aren’t the problem. I have a few, it’s that I just want the rf reciever only. Lastly do I have to buy an anti spark switch to power the vesc on and off? Excuse my ignorance this is my first build and I’m coming from a wowgo board where everything is already on the esc

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Yes, there is no power switch on the ESC itself.

So I have to buy an anti spark switch then