FlipSky Dual FSESC6.6 -- Troubleshooting firmware and dual mode

Hey All,

I recently purchased and installed a FlipSky Dual FSESC6.6 and am having some trouble getting it to work with my TorqueBoards direct drive.

First thing – I have no idea what firmware version to install on the hardware. I tried using “4.1” default but the board would not detect the motors at all.

The only firmware version I could get anything to work on was “3.103 - HW 60”. However, in this mode I can only get one motor to spin up, even when I go through the app wizard for both USB inputs to configure the PPM.

P.s. I’m using the ackmaniac VESC tool.

Does anyone have any advice?


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Ask on the busy forum.

What’s the busy forum? I’m not familiar