Flipsky Dual VESC 6.6 PPM mapping not working

Hey Guys, i’ve read forum posts on the VESC site, saw youtube videos, but still no luck.

I have the VX2 remote. THe reciever module has this white plug with 4 cables in various slots. I’ve plugged it in to the corresponding ‘socket’. The remote works, the wheels turn, etc.

Im trying to use the imput wizard in the VESC tool to set up. All the tutorials tell you to move the control forward/backwards and you see the mapping happening. When i do that nothing changes.

So i read that i should enable the stream realtime data button. once i did that, on the main screen i can see the duty/current moving when i press the throttle, but when im in the ppm mapping section it doesnt correspond to my throttle presses… ive been beating my head over this for awhile now.

Has anyone run into this and found a solution?

The vx2 has one integrated in it, i haven’t programmed my VESC and remote yet so i can’t tell what you have to do or not to do. Let it at default and do the calibration on the vx2 before you start your ride, maybe that’ll work :man_shrugging:

SO the issue is that its super touchy with acceleration and the breaks practically stop when you slide the throttle back a little bit. I have a ranger X1 so i have a feeling of what “decent” throttle/break response is, this thing is a wildcat! So touchy im scared of the monster i’ve created.

Make a profile for it (acceleration and braking/regen braking) you can also put a max speed on it (forward and reverse) that will probably help a bit . Also a throttle would help;)

I would say were it is on the VESC tool on pc but i’m at work and only got my phone (unless you wanna do that part of programming via bluetooth)

I just purchased one of those flipsky BLE adapters for the VESC. I think it will be a lot better to adjust on the fly witholut having to constantly remove my enclosure and plug the USB in. Do you think it will be an issue with the VX2 remote to also have the BLE?

I don’t think it will be a problem