Flipsky, Focbox or just buy a budget board? Help please

Hey everyone, I’m thinking about getting my first electric board. So far I’m either set on a S11 kit from Flipsky / a Focbox Tenka or the HobbyWing ESC sold by WowGo. I’d probably get the mounts from Dickyho.

Which one would you recommend? Or would it be better to just buy a finished board, something like the WowGo 2s Max? I already have a 12s 4Ah LiPo battery, a smart charger and an old longboard deck w/trucks,wheels.

My budget is somewhere around >500bucks for the esc/vesc(incl. remote etc.), motor and mounts. The Flipsky kit seems pretty much perfect, but I assume it’s a bit of a hit or miss regarding quality.

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Depends on your budget. DIY isn’t cheap in anyway so people would get a prebuilt and just do incremental upgrades to have a base point and just change it to something better down the road. I started with a prebuilt and then changed the esc of the old prebuilt. Made it 10x better. Then went full diy after.

The flipsky is a hit and miss unfortunately, even though it looks like the best thing to get (minus the vx1, esc, and the antispark since these are usually bad quality. Motors are excellent.)A focbox tenka is okay, but id go with a Makerx DV6 since it can do more than the tenka. But it is on you.

You have some stuff you can use, so just buy the motor, mount, remote, enclosure and esc. What is your wheel core? Like are they abec? kegels? You can either get the pulleys that fits or buy the core type pulleys for your specific wheel.