Flipsky FSESC 6.6 Dual Plus issues

Super new to DIY eskates and was looking to upgrade my cheap complete longboard I got from diyeboards. I figured I would try my luck with FSESC 6.6 dual plus.

After setting it up in VESC tool and tested it on the actual road, I ran into some cut out issues. On the Xmatic app on my phone, I tracked my ride and noted that I received two fault codes repeatedly. The two codes are FAULT_CODE_DRV & FAULT_CODE_UNDER_VOLTAGE (i have attached a screenshot below). The cut out happens when I am doing full-throttle on the remote (VX2) for about 5-8 secs straight. I hit about 25-30kph before the cut out. The vesc itself would actually power off. Below are my specs and settings:

Belt Driven Longboard

5055 x 2 motors 270KV (from diyeboards) - 80a max continuous motor pulley - 13t, wheel pulley - 35t Flipsky FSESC 6.6 dual Plus w/ Switch 10s5p 10ah battery -> 50a continuous current UART VX2 Remote NRF for bluetooth connectivity

Motor Settings on VESC TOOL (FOC sensorless mode):

Motor Amps max: 60a

Motor Amps min: -40a

Battery amp max: 50a

Battery amp min: -20a

Max ERPM: 60000

I searched this forum for suggestions and tried to flash firmware again. Went through the same process and still had the cutout issues. Also read that, the DRV chips could be faulty.

I contacted flipsky directly. After speaking to Xu at flipsky over email, she told me to reprogram and make sure to use default settings (100K ERPM). I used everything default, I did motor set up in FOC in VESC tool and did not change anything. The cutting out is still happening. This time the vesc tool defaulted to these settings after running detection in FOC mode:

Motor Amps max: 49.69a

Motor Amps min: -49.69a

Battery amp max: 130a

Battery amp min: -60a

Max ERPM: 100,000

Same exact problem. FYI, I also tried it in BLDC mode with now success. They are now just asking me to show a video of how I set it up. To me, that will get me nowhere, but I may just do that just to give them something.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here are the logs from the default vesc tool settings as mentioned above. I’ve highlighted the rows where the cut outs happened. starting at 320t ish row then another around the 1100th row. You can see the motor current goes up to 70a.

Please visit google drive link here --> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dKBvWBK3zJavOXHx3jUHM38AnxXv10Eq

Hi @levan634, sorry to hear about your issues. Please do not refer to the hardware a VESC 6.6. VESC is the original hardware. The FSESC is third party hardware.

If you get these fault codes there is probably an issue with the hardware. These faults should not pop up if the ESC or electrical system is healthy.

Noted and edited. My apologies!

Unrelated, but I have a trampa wand and BT module on the way from you guys. Can’t wait. Might be picking up two VESC 6s from you as well due to this issue with my FSESC 6.6

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PM sent your way.

He’s an end user, not a manufacturer. He can call it what he wants. Ease up please.


No worries. The HW seams to be damaged, they should send you a replacement.

thanks I have also posted in that forum.

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Yup, I see you now. Talk to you there.

I have uploaded my logs from the run. I’ve highlighted the rows where the cut outs happened. starting at 320t ish row then another around the 1100th row. You can see the motor current goes up to 70a.

Please visit google drive link here --> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dKBvWBK3zJavOXHx3jUHM38AnxXv10Eq

Flipsky are shit. Do a charge back and buy something else


Thank you, Flipsky sent me a replacement non plus version. Waiting for it to arrive.

Before I pass judgement on Flipsky as I whole, I will see how the replacement performs. I may have just gotten a bum unit. It happens. I am however, impressed with their response time and effort to remedy the issue.

Im glad you are impressed. I am not. Let me know if you actually get the replacement.

@Soflo Please send the e-mail to our after sales service e-mail: [email protected] if you have any question. It’s appreicated you can send any video to be clearer. Thanks


Forgot to post but I got a replacement two weeks ago. It only took a week and a half to receive the replacement. I have yet to test as there is 4 inches of snow outside.


Waiting for mine to be shipped back after repair. Beeb tying to get them to replace it with (2) singles. They want me to pay $150 more. No thanks, I’ll put that money towards something reliable

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We have contacted and sent over 20 e-mails to you for your aftersales service. As mentioned before, regarding the long logistics lead time for return from your place to our company, it’s out of our control but your choice of the forwarder. We arranged the repairment since the same day afternoon. Also, we have told you, it’s firmware blocked due to the new firmware upgrade without any issue of the hardware, reflash the firmware via ST-Link, then workable. While, you mentioned to change the new two single fsesc6.6 based on double 11 promotion prices after the repairment. I think this is really dufficult to accept for most of companies and not the rules of RMA return. Asking to replace another products after the repairment and on the basis of promotion price. Anyway, we have tried our best

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I don’t trust your product! Your software is corrupt, there’s no reason your software should lock up a controller and need to be sent back to China to be unlocked. This is unacceptable. why should I put my life on the line for your profit. I an not a beta tester, but it seems like you think I am. I paid for a complete, finished, working product. You did not supply that. You supplied me with an unreliable piece of junk with corrupted software. You know you have a problem with your dual esc and won’t admit it. You are trying to push a faulty product on the consumer in the hopes that we will simply give up on the warranty process because you make it almost impossible. I don’t know what else to tell you, your dual esc has bugs that need to be worked out, not at my expense. For the money and time I have wasted on your failure of a product, I could have bought a name brand VESC that is reliable. I am growing very tired of this back and forth with you concerning a known problem with your product. Im also not very happy that you require your customers to lie to China post about the value of your broken VESC. Maybe I should bring this up to them? im tied of being taken advantage of by your company.


That is unfortunate that they are giving you the run-around. I def know how frustrating that can be. I do agree that having them send it back with low value so they don’t take a hit with customs. A bit unethical in my opinion.

I have yet to test the replacement I received from them as there is a foot of snow outside right now. I have a maker X dual I am running that I need to put through the paces too. As a back up plan, I am going to pick up the Torque Boards VESC 6 that they will soon have in production. As a last resort, I will pick up a Unity or actual Trampa vedder units.

Anyways, good luck with everything mate.

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You for sure burn the drv chip. I have the same problem. I wonder if they gonna send me another one. Use Xmatic too.

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