Flipsky motor review, VESC6.6 review Update

I don’t work for Flipsky in any capacity. I just know how the market works, and I know that they are a company that I want to support. They do take customers advise. They have literally ask me for it, and every time I’ve had a question or a comment about one of their products, they’ve responded within 24 hours. They also have a clone of the ODrive ESC, which just tickled me pink. They really won me over with that release- also selling closed loop hybrid stepper motors! I like where their engineers heads are. This is how all small companies start out.

Imo, this is a much more productive critique, but I’m not really understanding you. I get that you’re having a firmware update issue, but how do you know you aren’t having a com port error? I saw your post on the VESC website, this is what you get when you connect your board:

2020-06-27 12:57:07: VESC® Tool 2.06 started

2020-06-27 12:57:08: Status: Not connected

2020-06-27 12:59:04: Status: Invalid serial port: \.\COM3

2020-06-27 12:59:19: Status: Connected (serial) to COM3

2020-06-27 12:59:19: Status: Connected (serial) to COM3, limited mode

2020-06-27 12:59:58: DEBUG (:0 ): Reloading user interface due to configuration change.

2020-06-27 12:59:58: WARNING (:0 ): Param subgroup “hfi” not found.

2020-06-27 12:59:58: WARNING (:0 ): Param group “balance” not found.

2020-06-27 12:59:58: WARNING (:0 ): Param group “balance” not found.

2020-06-27 12:59:58: WARNING (:0 ): “can_mode” not found

2020-06-27 12:59:58: WARNING (:0 ): “can_mode” not found

Looks like a com port issue to me. Have you tried on another PC?

Well i am counting on your convictions regarding Flipsky… I almost didn’t order the VESC 6.6 Plus on amazon (almost 300$, and would be my first VESC). So many negative comments online, anyway I am counting on yours lol.

You mind if I ask whether you have any possible tips on setting this VESC up for a dual wheel electric scooter? There is so little info on forums, even youtube discussing this pairing. Hoping that isn’t because it isnt a good fit. I am still working out the KV of the 500w 8"x"4" hub motors is, as it is not listed by the manufacturer. If it helps the scooter is a Mercane Wide Wheel Pro 2020. I’ll have to dial back the battery from it’s current 63v charged to 12s if you think I can get away with that (lower maybe?).

Well sorry for crashing your thread, just wanted to let you know that your on the hook here if this goes south. :stuck_out_tongue:


You should carefully analyze all of the ways in which Flipsky ESC’s have failed, like for example, having battery cables that are too long, or have too much mass. Or, having a BMS that manages discharge, and it shutting down for no apparent reason while you’re on the throttle- don’t use a BMS for discharge, it’s just a bad idea all around. I’m currently using the 6.6 +, and I’m about to install a standard 6.6 in another board. Also, choose low KV motors, like 170kv.

Use an esk8 calculator to figure out motor kv for a given wheel size. Like this one: http://calc.esk8.it/

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whaaat, im buying flipsky. first diy board, lets see, ill post back here if i ever get any problems, if i do get them within the 1st year provided i follow everything properly, ill let ya know my review

For what its worth I’ve run two flipsky vesc minis in foc for two years now with no problems. I’m pretty satisfied. If they cut corners, they do it well