Flipsky motor review, VESC6.6 review Update

I spoke with FlipSky about their flagship 190Kv motors and they told me despite me filing the initial complaint within the warranty window they will NOIT fix the motors. They then told me I could buy a new set of motors. I actually had to ask them if they were being serious. I then told them I was going to lodge a complaint and they basically told me to go screw myself and I was not going to get a refund or a replacement. This motor does not have the specs they claim. Their motors are a load of garbage. I wish I would have known before I bought this crap

I then spoke with them about the VESC6.6, which is currently under the warranty window. They said because I was testing their product, they will not warranty their product. I explained I only tested it under the parameters they told me, and they said to go screw myself again. This company is truly a scam, which is why they are out of the reach of USA enforcement. I would NOT recommend using any of their “Chinese knock off parts”

Um… do you have more back story on this? I just bought the VESC6.6 and remote from them. I’ve heard pretty good things hence why I bought it. I guess I dont understand the review your title implied. Im genuinely curious.

Thanks and sorry to hear about your experience.

I load tested these motors and VESC’s to see if they were putting out their actual torque numbers. They are not even close to the 8Nm per motor. I then had them evaluated by two of my professor of electrical engineering. They then confirmed my data and did separate system evaluations of both the VESC and motors and mentioned the inferior parts causing increased resistance resulting in the DRV chips to heat and have reduced lifespans [burn out]. They also highlighted that the magnetic adhesive holding the permanent magnets are equivalent to bubble gum and will fail quickly. FlipSky refuted the results and said they are not providing the research data backing up their equipment specs. You already bought them, and FlipSky will not give you a refund, …my prayers are with you.

damn… now i feel bad. Do you have a recommendation for a better VESC? Preferably a dual VESC

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I should also mention the reason you hear such good things about FlipSky’s products is because they write their own reviews (FYI). They do not allow other people who purchased their products to write reviews unless they give 5 stars and even still they censor them. I asked them about this, and they said then “they would have to deal with stupid Americans”. These people are criminals.

Please try to post a negative review about any of their products and see what happens… they will not let it post.

I have not gotten to perform any load tests on any other VESCS or motors. I definitely would encourage any college students to take it to their products to their electrical engineering lab and performing load tests and specifications reviews on any FlipSky products. FlipSkys 8Nm torque motors are actually pushing less than 4Nm of torque. The windings also are using inferior windings and have too high of a resistance.

I encourage you to address this with FlipSky too. They will provide some bull crap that they do not have the research data or try to dismiss your concern or tell you you are full of crap.

I actually bought two flipsky 6374 motors, a flesc6.6 and a vx2 yesterday morning for the father’s day sale before reading this post! Immediately after reading i hot them up on the chat and asked them to cancel the motors. They did without question. I then purchased two Turnigy Sk8 6374. Thanks a lot for this info!

This person is essentially full of shit. I’ve been using Flipsky products for over a year without a single issue. I have two of their ESC’s- 4.20 dual, and 6.6 + dual.

All of these companies overrate their products. Even Trampa has inflated numbers without additional cooling.

“nd mentioned the inferior parts causing increased resistance resulting in the DRV chips to heat and have reduced lifespans”

What “inferior parts”, can you name them specifically? I can tell you one thing, Flipsky is infinitely batter than Maytech… I love my Flipsky parts. “Inferior windings”, lol! As if they’re going to use the highest quality copper in consumer BLDC’s that cost less than $100! Do you have any idea what high quality red copper costs?

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I’m pleased to hear you have not had any problems with your Flipsky products, that truly is great to hear.

Based on your previous statement:

“All of these companies overrate their products. Even Trampa has inflated numbers without additional cooling”

It appears that you are ok with companies “ inflating ” their specs so you buy their products; but what happens when you finish your custom build and realize the motors cannot achieve the torque specifications or sustained power outputs?

I don’t know about you, but I am confident the other engineers and fabricators on this site expect accurate specs when purchasing products. We make our builds based on factual data rather than the pretty sticker labels on the products.

With respect to your finial comment to which I can only assume you read off Google (based on your apparent lack of electrical resistance and cooling knowledge); One of the simplest ways to ensure minimal circuit resistance while not changing out material components is optimizing their attachment points, ie. soldering. When companies try to mass produce components they cut corners on electrical board or motor fabrication. This can result in what is referred to as “dirty attachments” thus increased transitional resistance that takes the form of heat, which then cause a reduction in component lifespan.

semiStationary , I would like to think you are not one of these people that are sponsored by companies like Flipsky to promote products they do not believe in, but if you are I would encourage you to stop. Some of these younger custom board engineers do not have the ability or equipment to perform these tests themselves so end up relying on others to steer them towards the best products for their builds. As engineers we build on scientific data without accurate specs we are blindly building and that’s not the way anyone should build. Hoping and praying you have the power to weight ratio you designed for is not something I want to do.

To all the actual engineers on this site, that care about having factual motor and VESC specs, I encourage you to steer clear of Flipsky’s products until they refocus their company back onto the passion of the build rather than maximizing profits.


Flipsky is literally an enabler to those of us who can’t afford to spend north of $300 on a stupid ESC that cost no where near that to produce. I am not sponsored by them, though I wish I was. They don’t sponsor ANYONE to the best of my knowledge, and the reviews on their site are probably REAL, you bleeping *.

I take so much offense to your post because of how endearing their products are to me. I am no electronics engineer, but I can definitely sit down and hand solder an entire VESC, SMD components included. I’m not afraid of cheap ESC’s, lol. I think you’re hilarious. Over here ringing alarm bells as if you have no idea how many of us are using Flipsky in their boards, some of us for years, with nothing more than minor issues related to passive cooling that are easily solved with more mass.

The biggest problems they have with their VESC’s ,YOU DIDN’T EVEN MENTION, and for that I question what your real intentions are to begin with. For all we know, you’re a Maytech PR person attempting to steer consumers to your brand, or another! Why should we trust you? You don’t provide one shred of evidence.

I just bought my third ESC from Flipsky just a week ago, and I’m waiting for it to arrive.

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Hello semiStationary ,

Your posts read like that of someone who is… or is trying to be sponsored by Flipsky. I will agree with what you said though…. You are no electronics engineer. I can confidently attest to this based on your comments, with specific reference to your last one,

“with nothing more than minor issues related to passive cooling that are easily solved with more mass. The biggest problems they have with their VESC’s ,YOU DIDN’T EVEN MENTION”

Engineering 101. (introduction to circuits)

What produces heat in an electrical circuit board or chip?

The leading answer is the flow of electrons through the device. (I’m over simplifying things here). Just remember this is just one of the problems with their boards and motors by the way. If a circuit has increased resistance the device will get hotter, which circles back to my previous comment about attachment points (soldering). The one that you responded with,

“but I can definitely sit down, and hand solder an entire VESC, SMD components included”

I don’t mean to call you out here, but I highly doubt you can properly perform intricate attachment points for any real electrical chips. This requires a person to not only account for the necessary heat dispersion as to not damage the chip but also to mitigate the electrical frequency shift through the attachment medium that can result in unstable signals or in this case power outputs.

With respect to your finial statement,

“Why should we trust you? You don’t provide one shred of evidence.”

My intention on this site is to provide builders with factual information on products that I have tested and electrically evaluated. I’m not up here promoting any other brand of VESCs or motors.

That being said, I do not approve of people like you (who are clearly sponsored, or trying to be) posting misinformation based on a desire to line your own pockets. It’s my position as well as I hope all the other engineers and builders on this site that all companies should be accountable for the quality and accurate specification of their products.

One last item. With respect to your comment,

*“the reviews on their site are probably REAL, you bleeping .”

Go ahead and post a negative comment on Flipsky’s page and see if it actual gets displayed? I don’t want to ruin the ending for you… but it does not get displayed. They sensor and write their own reviews.

This will be my last post addressing you,


You are trolling…

You’re seriously one of those college graduates that has learned himself into a corner. You clearly have no first hand field experience with their products. They are in tens of thousands of light electric vehicles- from e-foils and electric boats, to go-carts, e-scooters, and electric skateboards. I run two of them on two different MOUNTAIN boards, pulling as much as 80 amps. They don’t have a problem with cooling, I LITERALLY RUN THEM IN SEALED ENCLOSURES.


With regard to soldering; you have no idea what you’re talking about. Lots of people have hand soldered Ti DRV chips. It’s as if you have no idea people are doing things like revive dead nvidia cards in their ovens. Electronics aren’t half as delicate as you’ve been led to believe. People do bga reballs by hand, they can hand solder FPGA SDR’s.


Hi Caddy. Please show your oder information to check our aftersales service record and e-mails with you before. I cannot find the record in our system. Is this your order name?. Thanks.

@Caddy Hi Caddy. Just checked the internal aftersales service. I think it’s not cool to spread the unactual fact and cause the misunderstanding. You did the risk over max specifications for the vesc and caused the damage. Also, it’s not good to leave bad reviews to all of our products including all others you never used and bought. We tried to do the aftersales with you. Repair and refund you after you return it. While, really no credit of you, send the package without anything, empty parcel. If admit, we can show all e-mails screenshot with you here.

Hello: flipskytech01,

It would appear you have the wrong person.

But I will entertain your train of thought here: if this is truly a representative of Flipsky, which I’m not confident it is: As a consumer, I would be concerned with any organization that would release any consumers information publicly? I’m fairly confident that is looked down upon in some countries and illegal in others? However, your statement might have been said in jest.

In regard to your next statement: “You did the risk over max specifications for the VESC and caused the damage.”

I’m fairly confident I have the means and full working knowledge to perform a proper rated load test based off the data Flipsky provided via Flipsky’s website.

The VESC6.6 is rated at, “Current: Continuous 100A single, total 200A , Instantaneous current 400A per single, total 800A for system instantaneous current”. The 6374 motors are rated at “Max Power: 3250 Watts, Max Current: 85 Amps, Max Volts: 12S , Max Torque: 8Nm”. These specs are pulled right off your website.

Why would anyone “ over max” the VESC on a load test?

Why would anyone “ over max” the motors on a load test, especially when they ran conformation load testing with Flipsky’s own VESC before the magnetic adhesive broke free?

With respect to your comment: “Also, it’s not good to leave bad reviews to all of our products including all others you never used and bought.”

I did not perform these actions; I did however share my reviews of the products I did review on other forums about your product and informed them how Flipsky took them down and only kept the positive product reviews. Individuals on these engineering sites did not seem to agree with Flipsky’s action, so if they did what you claimed then you can address that with them.

Finally, with respect to your comment,

“I think it’s not cool to spread the unactual fact and cause the misunderstanding”

I think there is a viable solution here that will clear up all misunderstandings between you and this passionate engineering community. Please provide legitimate third party verified testing of your products directly showing each product actual specifications/outputs to include resistance and heat outputs. I might also suggest providing free return shipping if items are defective on arrival or a limited time after purchase.

This being said, I will recognize (although statistically improbable) and concede in the fact that I could have received all under-performing Flipsky products, which resulted in these significantly reduced outputs: to include torque curve peaks and electrical resistance.

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What “engineering community” are you referring to?

Why have you singled out Flipsky? They have the exact same specs as Maytech, Maker X, Trampa, etc, etc. I just find it odd that you don’t even have a mission statement.

Are you just now learning that all of these companies have over-specced their ESC’s? Why single out the cheapest of them?

Don’t you think you should start with the most expensive FOC speed controller, and if you find out it’s overrated, you can safely assume they all are.

You haven’t even given any of us enough information to even know exactly what it is you’re so upset about? How did the motors even fail? Why did you ask to return the ESC? What’s your order #?

Show me a single bad solder joint on this board?

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Hello flipskytech01

If you are truly a representative of Flipsky

Please pass along my appreciation to your organization for reengineering your new motor!

I have not yet tested or assessed the build quality of your new motors “ Flipsky BLDC Belt Motor 6374 140KV 3500W for Electric Skateboard” but based on the provided build quality information, it looks very promising.

I like how you explained and simplified the winding strand density and efficiency solution. Well done!

Based on this action it looks like you have taken our reviews into consideration and taken steps to remedy them.

After I run a load and structural/electrical analysis of these motors, I will write a NEW review that hopefully highlights your reengineering solutions

I have another set of request as to improve your organization’s products:

**1:**if all goes well… Please perform these same reengineering aspects to all of your motors starting with the 6374- 190KV motors.

2: Please work on reengineering the VESC6.6 and possibly installing a means to prevent or more readily correct SWD correctable errors during firmware updates. I’m working with two separate individual now who are not being allowed to update their firmware. I’m unsure if they have curated files and are being given these 3 errors.

WARNING (:0 ): Param subgroup “hfi” not found.

WARNING (:0 ): Param group “balance” not found.

WARNING (:0 ): “can_mode” not found

@ semiStationary

This is why we hold organization’s accountable for their products. Also I have not singled out Flipsky, they are just the only organization’s products I have tested.

If other organizations as you have outlined are over-clocking their VESC’s/motors and providing inaccurate specifications, then consumers should perform these same load and electrical analysis tests and then disseminate the information to others so as to allow others not to fall prey to the same behavior.

Lol i really like how you think you are the most important person here and that flipsky redesigned their motor because of you :joy:.

Please stop acting like a professional reviewer on a forum with like 10 active members with very strong opinions which you wont easily change.

Hello Moko ,

Thank you for the kind words; ““acting like a professional reviewer”” when you write an evaluation of a product is a compliment and important to do. Utilizing qualitative and quantitative analysis, adds an evaluation metrics to a product review as to provide a level of comparison off a known position.

I will provide you two pieces of life advice Moko .

1: Act like a professional whenever you do anything. This is referred to as “integrity” and speaks to your core values to which employers will evaluate you on. Your actions should not be determined by how many people or members are listening, rather be derived from your own character. Your statement of,

"Please stop acting like a professional reviewer on a forum with like 10 active members with very strong opinions which you wont easily change".

does highlight an opportunity for your own personal character development.

2: Any organization that does not take constructive criticism based on an actual qualitative and quantitative analysis will not be around long. This is due to the fact that they will lose touch with their consumer, thus resulting in a reduction of sales and eventual going under. It is for this reason that doctorates are paid a significant amount of money to act as organizational consultants as to evaluate aspects of companies.

Although as you stated, I may sound like a “professional reviewer” my actions here on this form are just to provide individuals with information. Unlike some sponsored individuals on here, I only provide electrical analysis facts and let consumers make their own minds up

With respect to Flipsky’s actions flipskytech01, them taking action to better tailor their products to the consumer markets speaks highly to their commitment to refocus back on to the consumer. I hope their new motors live up to what they are claiming on their product description.


This will be my last response to you

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This! Dont you have anything better to do? Some things are simpler than they seem. Flipsky doesnt care about you and people on here dont need your unexperienced opinion. If you want to get more people to listen to you go to esk8.news because its an actualy active forum.

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You keep saying you are providing factual information to the community but what you have said is either opinions from your professors or statements with no evidence to back them up. I would highly recommend testing products from other manufacturers to compare because products made for Esk8 aren’t going to be as high quality as industrial equipment. Many people use Flipsky products with no issues at all so even if what you say is true, it doesn’t really matter if the end result works.