Flipsky New Remote VX2 PRO

Want to get a new remote recently. I heard flipsky VX2 PRO came out.

Does anyone used it?How do you feel? What’s the difference between VX2 and PRO?

Hello. The pro version is color screen display, MPH/KPH exchangable, vesc&Unity compatible. We do the pro version per customers needs and make some modifications for the UART signal communicate way to be compatible with the Unity. The VX2 is the black&white screen. MPH or KPH setting and flashed before the shipment, not exchangable via the remote directly, suitable for vesc only. Both VX2 and Pro version support UART mode only, not PPM, as it’s screen and needs the UART mode to read the data via chip directly instead of the PPM via receiver first and the gain from the receiver.


Would there be a user upgradable firmware update? It would be nice if you guys would have software upgrades on the remote, like how Trampa does it with the wand, so you can add more features/fix bugs.

Sorry. The software is flashed in our factory before the shipment. Update by users is not available.

I have the VX2 and using it with the dual 6.6 as well as programming it through the vesc app through blue tooth. I cant get the mph, amp and board battery level to work. And the motors only run in high without any sort of transition when you rotate the wheel, takes right off. I tried putting it in uart but it keeps going back to ppm and uart. What am I doing wrong?

Hello. The screen remote VX2 supports UART mode only as it has to read data via the esc board directly. If choose PPM mode, then the screen useless. Regarding run in high, do you mean cannot exchange the speed between H, M, L or it runs at the same speed? Do you test in no load? If in no load, the speed keeps the same. As you know the vesc is current control, if no load, no friction etc., same current output, same speed. When doing parameters setup, please make sure all data correct, or the speed will be incorrect, especially the motor pole pairs q’ty. For example, pole pair 14, then 7 pairs; pole pair 20, 10 pairs.


Oh Hello…

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Hey sweet. Its sweet that you are asking these sweet questions because sweet jesus we need some sweet answers.

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WD40 is not for drinking nor cocktail :smile:

I have 14 for my motor poles what do you mean by 7?

Mmmm. WD40. Tasty.

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just got my remote working. Anyone know how to tweek teh power band yet? i see l m and h but no apparent difference in speed…way too fast at 12s with 6374 twin 190 kv motors might have a gearing issue to overcome…

You should be able to alter the throttle curve in the nunchuck app on the tool and it will affect the curve on your vx2.

Yeah. 7 pairs please. If 14, the speed will be incorrect

So do I set the 7 on the remote because on the vesc app for pole settings there is no 7.

Thanks @bigben! much appreciated and will give that a try tonight. about 3 grand in parts on this build so test drive time is very exciting!

Hi @flipskytech01 nice to meet you and thanks for jumping in. was wondering the same thing vesc and remote says 14 poles and max sped was only 19 MPH at full rpm on 6374 190k flipsky motors and a 12s \28 AH battery pack, 66\14 gearing 200 mm tires so no way that could be right… will pole change from 14 to 7 resolve speed on remote and should i change in vesc as well?

might have to start a separate thread but need new name for her, cant keep calling her board 4… Ideas?board%204

Thanks for the tip, appears to have resolved remote speed.

Glad to hear this. Some customers meet with the same problem as you. smiley:

i was able to get things working but not exactly right. very odd ,vesc tool connected to #1 would often report #2 firmware as wrong version then fail to configure input device when wizard was run. It is not the wrong version, both sides firmware were successfully updated and do match so i believe there is a glitch somewhere as i ran into it several times in a row. Hopefully someone will make a configuring video … near as i can tell mine is working just not able to adjust the throttle range as much as i would like. test drive this weekend so cant wait! Thanks again for your assistance, much appreciated.