Flipsky remote receiver to ESC connection

Hi guys,

I am trying to get my flipsky VX1 remote to work with my board. I have already set up ESCs and motors using vesc-tool … however I was unable to setup the remote. I suspect that the wiring of my receiver to master ESC is incorrect. Here is the PROBLEM: receiver (6 pins , picture included :slight_smile: ) need to be connected to the ESC (7pins, picture included) … as the picture depict ESC has pins for: ADC2, RX, TX, ADC, GND, 3.3V, 5V … and the receiver has pins for: S, 5V, -, VTX, VRX, V … I am unsure how to plug the receiver so it will work properly with the ESC.

There is also a scheme for connecting but I dont understand what it is trying to say. Maybi this will help you??¿??

I thank anyone who is able to help me out with this in advanced. I would really appreciate the help. Thank you :slight_smile:

5v, GND, RX, TX is all you need. However, flipsky may have rx and tx backwards.

So it might be Rx/Rx TX/TX and not RX/TX TX/RX. But try the first one.

All right thnk you. :slight_smile: And which cable from the receiver do I plug into the GND ??¿??

Also Flipsky remote has a battery indicator … how do I make that work … do I solder the V to the + battery terminal or ??¿??

Black wire from the receiver is usually gnd.

V gets soldered on to the positive side of the battery wire.

The receiver cables came kinda not attached XD . So would that be - or S ??¿?? :smiley:

It would be the - (negative) since S is called servo. That is for PWM (PPM) and not for UART, which uses Rx/Tx.

Thank you very much… I try to fix it the way you described it. :slight_smile: … If that wluldnt work is there anything else I might have messed up and caused that the motors dont respond to the remote when Im trying to set up the remote in the vesc-tool app ??¿?? :sweat_smile:

Check if the esc is set to uart only. And then try to do the remote set up. If it doesn’t work under uart,

first, flip the rx and tx wires and try again.

If it still doesn’t work, you can instead do it under PWM (PPM) and set the esc to PPM and UART. You’ll be soldering S, 5v, and gnd to the 3 pin connector according to the esc.

Try the second option if uart is having issues.

Sorry to bother again, turns out tha cables were connected correctly before. :frowning: This sucks because I dont know what is wrong. I was told that UART remotes need to setup, so I should be able to use my motor when I disconnet them from the vesc-tool . The receiver has a solid LED on indicating that the remote is connected (as mentioned in the remote manual). But I dont know what is wrong. My last resort is to try the PPM method or resetup both vescs using the vesc-tool maybe??¿??

any ideas what can be wrong, before I go in “dirty” and try the PPM method??¿??

thank you again

Unfortunately the VX1 usually has this issue. You can try redoing the UART wires and remote set up again. I would just go PPM just to save you the trouble of uart on the vx1. All you needed to do was press next i believe during the remote setup since you can’t see the signal. Been a while since I used vesc tools since I never had issues with my boards. Just make sure you’ve saved your changes. Usually this is forgotten.