Flipsky vesc 6.6 FIrmware too old for BLDC tool

hi i have the Fvesc 6.6 and want to connect it to BLDC tool but everytime its says firmware too old, then i update the firmware with vesc tool and it says fw:3.4 Hw: 60 so it should be up to date, but still bldc says firmware too old any idea how to connect my vesc to bldc tool?

you need to use the VESC tool, not the BLDC tool. if you want to use BLDC tool you need to downgrade your fw to 2.xx

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…more like your firmware is too new for the BLDC tool.

x2 on using the VESC tool instead. There are some good instructional videos on YouTube.

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VESC tool is a complete replacement for the old BLDC tool. Also it looks much nicer and more intuitive (with helpful description on certain parts).

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Its got wizards.