FlipSky VESC6.6 "Dual FSESC6.6 Based upon VESC6 with Aluminum Heatsink" / "Flipsky BLDC Belt Motor 6374 170KV 3500W for Electric Skateboard"

Professor of Electrical Engineering I attempted to contact FlipSky about this and they said, “No REFUND” and they can post whatever specs they want because they are based in China and are not accountable.

I also tried to post it on their website but: FlipSky Censors its reviews

FALSE---- VESC----Specifications due to Inferior Components, You will burn out your VESC if you run this under load at specified parameters.

**This is a foolish purchase. Flipsky hopes no one will actually run bench tests on hardware### This VESC utilizes underrated components to build its VESC, which over stress components that results in overheating and eventual burnout. This board has a good design but has taken significant cost cutting measures utilizing components with increased electrical resistance thus operating inefficiently and producing heat. I have personally tested their products and have determined that if the specified VESC parameters are utilized under a real-world load test the DRV chip will overheat. Essentially what the company is doing is promoting specs that are over-clocking their hardware. Anyfirst-year electrical engineering student can run a load test and come up with these resistance values…

FALSE---- 6374 Motor----Specifications

Motor windings can NOT sustain specified power due to the wire composition and resistance level. Windings will burn out under loads specified. The specified torque of these two motors are roughly 48% less than their claimed values. This was tested 4 times by me and two of my research assistants. Within two hours of testing a motor one of the permanent magnet’s broke free and tore the Hall sensor wirings. These motors have potential but need to be redesigned utilizing high quality components and adhesive. The specifications under these motor descriptions should also reflect accurate benchmarks. I’m happy to provide my testing numbers if anyone would like them. Cheers……


You are a legend! Do you have any experience with torqueboards’ vesc and 6374 ?

Any way to give OP like a thousand upvotes for posting on both 1) Flipsky products in general (I think more than a few of us are seeing the cost savings Flipsky provides and forget that you get what you pay for, which turns out to be the case many more times than not) and 2) These particular motors specifically, as I have been researching 6374 motors to upgrade my current 6355’s.

I can absolutely verify without question the assessment of the Flipsky 6 VESC. I have never maxed out my board (speed or hill climbing) in real life situations. While I occasionally jump on it and have fun with her it’s never for a sustained period of time (10-15 seconds max) despite it being 12s, the terrain and traffic conditions around where I live just don’t allow for it. That said the VESC should never have been put into any danger based on my riding profile.

Of two Flipsky 6.6 Dual VESC’s one arrived DOA (when I contacted them to tell them this I was ignored - when I did get a hold of them I had to pay for the repair even though it arrived broken), the second broke within one month, well within it’s “warranty” period for manufacturing defects (which what else could it be?), it too I had to pay to have repaired - neither of which I have checked to see if they work yet, I’m almost afraid to. The third Flipsky VESC, the 6.6 dual mini, lasted the longest of all of them at ~6 months. Now if I try to accelerate too fast at all, or from a dead stop or going too slow initially, the wheel will begin squealing like a stuck pig and actually try to run backwards, throwing off my balance and direction of travel instantly.

100% fail rate within 6 months. Not a question if IF, but when your Flipsky WILL shit out on you and leave you pissed off at yourself for not listening to me in the first place. DON’T SKIMP ON YOUR VESC PEOPLE. I can’t stress this enough!

If I were even unconsciously thinking about trying these 6374 motors, after reading this I have been starkly reminded of how stupid that would be to take a chance on Flipsky again after being burned repeatedly. As OP stated in his opening sentence: “we can do whatever we want, we are in China and we aren’t accountable - ha, ha, ha, stupid round-eye’s!”

Excellent post OP! Well done.

This is a horrible business practice, cutting such corners in a primarily passion fueled hobby. Also do these numbers also hold for the flipsky vesc 6.6 singles?

Hello StriateZebra

I do not have much experience with this VESC or motor brand. I was actually only exposed to the electric skateboard design field recently due to one of our graduate mechanical engineering students becoming frustrated with FlipSky’s VESC’s and motors and asking me to perform a board proficiency breakdown and determine the electrical bottlenecks/limiting factors that is causing the VESC components to be overclocked. I then looked at a few of their motors due to reading the impressive reported torque specs on FlipSky’s website, which turned out to be inaccurate.

I suspect FlipSky makes Chinese knock-off products of other companies’ good equipment. FlipSky then advertises these impressive torque motor numbers that are inaccurate and not even close to their actual outputs. They then appear to take it one step further and write their own product reviews and delete any reviews that tells the truth. Finally, they pay kids to use their products and create these YouTube videos that promote FlipSky’s products even though the kids know the products are faulty.

If I get the chance to breakdown any other working VESC’s or motors I will let you know. Cheers

Hello MasterMasaki

I completely agree with you, FlipSky employees a poor business practice that will inevitably lead to them being ostracized from a highly passionate community. Any hobby that gets individuals involved in learning electrical and mechanical engineering/design, programming, and physics; so that they can design, fabricate and program their own board based on their body weight and riding style is good to me. I think these types of people truly possess the intestinal fortitude showcased by overcoming the complexity of the aforementioned hurdles.

With regard to your question, based on what I have read and viewed of FlipSky’s VESC product line the DUAL VESC6.6 is their flagship product and all other products are variants off this product line. I would not risk taking the chance of paying for this product because I know there is NO money back return and there is a limited warranty of 60 days. It took over half of that to get the product to me.

With regard to trying out their motors, I think kchxaz Said it best, “If I were even unconsciously thinking about trying these 6374 motors, after reading this I have been starkly reminded of how stupid that would be to take a chance on Flipsky again after being burned repeatedly.”

These motors look good for the money and the specs but FlipSky is false advertising their data and there is NO REFUNDS… if you are lucky enough to fall in the warranty you have to cover the shipping, which for me was over $30 on an $89 motor.

My intention here is just to provide you with facts so that you can make an educated decision on your board build. No one likes to wait 30 days for a VESC or motor and have it not work or underperform before burning out. Cheers