Flipsky vx2 not working out of box

hiya guys i was hoping someone can help me with this problem. vx2 purchased with 6.6 vesc and 6384 motor. the vx 2 turns on, it pairs up, all the parameters change. so far so good. because purchased together i got one sense lead so the tx and rx (orange and green wires) are correct way round. now the problem. the vx2 shows no battery coming from the board, it is plugged into board to make it pair. i have no output from vx2. no battery in = no power out to vesc. trying to communicate with flipsky is a nightmare. i have sent them pictures and the response was that the picture shows battery is ok. yes on the right hand side it does indeed show a full charge but the largest battery display in the middle shows no battery. are they really that dumb. am i really that dumb that i am missing something here. am i wrong in thinking that the vx2 should work out of box.

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i BELIEVE you are inncorrect. It is NOT paired, if there is no BOARD batt readout.

the left corner of screen shows its paired. the constant blue light shows its paired. the parameter setting shows its paired.

Have you connected the USB to the FSESC? The VESC tool will help you to check your FSESC is working.

The configuration may have the UART disabled or the remote type set to something else.

You say you are sure the UART is correct, but if you are paired, assume both PCBs work, and have no communication to VESC, this cable is the only piece of hardware between the two devices, so worth checking thoroughly.

Your UART IS the wrong way!!!

I have just opened mine up to check. This was with a Single FSESC6.6 and works fine. The Orange and Green are reversed. So yours is currently set as a VESC4 version

yes Louis you are correct. swapped wires and it fires up instantly. Flipsky have mismatched the lead they sent out with vesc. the information i found about the tx and rx was wrong. wish i trusted my instinct and swapped them last week but all the info i could find said they were correct and with it coming direct from Flipsky i trusted it… thank you for your reply. Diamond Geezer. cheers

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Glad you got it.

Also, I recommend adjusting the exponential curves in the PPM section of the VESC tool, that can give you a smoother acceleration/braking, on top of the L/M/H modes on the VX2 remote.

Happy skating.

cheers i will do. the info i found was esk8 news forums post is flipsky vx2 remote not working on 6.x. and how to fix it. MarkOneBoards august 2019. take care and stay alive