Flipsky VX2 Remote unable to Change Miles\KM on display

I just received the new VX2 remote and the menu, manual, instructional videos are devoid of any information on how to change from KM\H or Miles\Hour. I reached out to flipsky no response yet… I think its hardcoded into the microcontroller code.

Reply from Flipsky on youtube. Highlighted reply

Flipsky Tech10 minutes ago

Hi,Movation. Its initial factory setting was KM / H. Later, many customers in North America, Europe, Australia and so on wanted MPH, so it was changed to MPH. We have been testing the two modes to switch between each other, the time is about half a month to one month, and we will announce it later.

So if you live in most of europe, asia, australia, NZ dont order the current model it only works in miles per hour…

Same, really hope they fix it with a firmware upgrade :weary:

So is it your fault that mine is kmph?? (I’m in the UK…)

Nope you have first batch, before they changed back to legacy measurements. You have 3 options. 1. Send it back to hgltech factory for reprogramming like I did, 2. vary the wheel size so it shows your speed in miles (multiply wheel size by 1.609344 so a 107mm Abec put 172.2mm or Miles to Km divided by 1.609344 so for 107mm put in 66.49mm) option 3 swap with a batch 2 with someone in in Europe, asia, Australia, NZ, Canada ect… Firmware isnt user upgradeable via USB. I will try dumping the KM\H hex once I get mine back and post it here, you will be able to flash the controller with a $5 adapter.

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I got a new one with new brighter multi coloured screen, reduced deadband, mph to kph options! It’s pretty good now. Actually preferring it now to the mini trigger.

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do you want to change your remote with mine? i got one with MPH :frowning:

The black and white one I have that just does kph has a massive deadband. Is yours the same? @w31x

Not sure what w31x has got, but the most recent MPH version I received didn’t have the deadband that the original v1 KPH version had.

with “deadband” you mean a range where the remote control does not respond (accelerate - brake)?

i didn´t recognize this with mine. probably it would be better to keep mine and learn imperial units :stuck_out_tongue:

A big problem for me is, if I accelerate with this VX2 remote control, and then drive in idle- and then want to speed up again, i can´t get the right dose to get a smooth acceleration. This is very difficult because its so hard to dose compared to my older remote control (PPM) I have.

did you made similar experiences with this remote controller?

I heard that they have the VX2 PRO version now; color display, MPH&KPH exchangable via the remote directly, vesc&focbox unity compatible. Not sure about the price