Flipsky Vx2 remote with dual 4.12 Vesc’s

Wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a dual motor set up with 2 single 4.12 Vesc’s from and I want to use the Flipsky Vx2 remote with them without a CAN BUS cable connecting the 2 Vesc’s. Right now I have a ppm split cable going from my receiver to each vesc and the only reason I’m not using CAN BUS is because I can’t seem to get get it working. So is this possible without CAN BUS? Do you just split the rx and tx wires to go to each vesc and have all the other wires going to only 1 vesc?

Firmware has to the the same accross both vesc. And recent firmware version, if you cant update fw a vx1 is a better option. Try flipping rx and tx wires. Also set up as nfr option. If your fw is older try nunchuck.

I think build the dual for two single vescs needs the can-bus connector, like sth. bridge. If no CAN-bus connector, they are not combined and cannot be controlled by the same firmware. Also, need the same battery, I think.

i have ackmaniak in two vesc enrtion focbox single.

control VX2 is UART. UART work over canbus in ackmaniack firmware???

Because only spin master .

with other controler, via PPM all works perfect via CANBUS