Florida ESK8 Meet Up, AUG 19, 2017 **RIDE VIDEO UPLOADED**

dont now if ill have the board by the 7th . thats why i haven’t set a date . but yea lets get the first one started . even if my board does not come in by the 7th yet.

the meet should be in downtown orlando . there is allot to do and ride thru out there.

sounds like a perfect place for a 1st run .

Im in Tampa.

I’m just making the offer for a group ride on the 7th because I’m moving a couple weeks after and would like to do a group ride while I have a chance.

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yea dude please do . like i said before i dont have my board yet so def make it happen lets see how it goes . /

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Well it’s right off I-4, so that makes it real easy

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nice . glad to see things are forming

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so the 7th is a set date then ?

@longhairedboy I can confirm I’ll be there on the 7th, how about you?

I’ll be there on the 7th

I can do the 7th as well, and I will be able to bring at least 2 others!

I’ll be there!

Holy shit this is happening. Finally!

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Do we have a time yet?

Ya let me know I’m gonna try and make it with both my boards

I’m open for times. Not sure how busy this park usually gets as i’m out of town. For everyone driving in how does 2pm sound?

2pm seems fine. @longhairedboy does the park get crowded at certain times?

There should be plenty of parking in both the park-n-ride as well as within Gemini state park itself.

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From Miami here im waiting for my raptor 2 until then im pushing im willing to meet up with people in Ft lauderdale.

Same for the meeting spots. Been to Shark Valley? Great Trail, Need a board that can do 15+ miles