Florida ESK8 Meet Up, AUG 19, 2017 **RIDE VIDEO UPLOADED**

I’m trying to setup and event for a cruise date . In florida .

I’m in Gainesville.

I know @longhairedboy and @cmatson are from Florida :tangerine:

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Ft. Lauderdale

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Orlando I have an evolve and diy board LMK

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Nice guys im in orlando also . Im wating on the raptor 2 . After that we get a meet going

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jax here, but I’m down for a group ride wherever.

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Ft lauderdale…down for a group ride…

@Crushkrew you gotta watch out for those Ft. Lauderdale types :upside_down:

Orlando here! I’m actually in Ocoee. Totally down if we can set a hard date. I’ve actually tried to organize group rides before.

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Orlando here as well! Don’t have the biggest battery but it should work out haha

Seems like Orlando is a central location! Is everyone Available the 30th of this month or maybe the 7th of May?

I’m good with both days

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May 7 would be better for me.

And holy shit where have you all been? Jake and I never see anyone on an esk8… then last night Jake saw some dude on a Carbon GT and here you guys are.

Lets do this.

lets do it!

Florida ESK8 Group Ride MAY 7th, 2017 Orlando, FL Meet up Location?? Time?

Ok. So there are some options for meet ups. Given the limited range some may have, we may want to do a shorter trail that can easily be lapped a couple of times and is conveniently located near the power outlets of a state park and also a mcdonalds

There is a bike trail off of exit 108 in Sanford, at Gemini Springs state park, that rides through some of the prettiest camping and wild areas i know of around here. The total length of the trail is only about 4.2 miles each way from the parking lot where we would meet up. There is also a mcdonalds right there with outlets and french fries, and within the park itself are bathrooms, vending machines, a big open field, and some outlets.

Here’s a link to the park and ride lot just outside the park right before the head of the trail that dips into the park on google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/nt47STcydiv That’s where i usually park to ride there. But we may want to meet up in the park itself to accomodate those with lower watt hours.

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Looks like a good ride with great natural scenery! I’m in for the french fries! I should have an updated range report on my board next week as long as the battery enclosure arrives!

lmfaoo thats the wrecking crew.

not yet . only because im waiting on the raptor 2 to arrive . i had a chinese one but sold it to a friend that would not stop bothering me for it . so as soon as i get my raptor2 om in . but by all means . get it started . first . even if im not able to join the first time around . the point is to have everyone get these meets going .

heck yes . lets . im glad i posted this apb out lol .