Florida law , cops and eboards

So i am obviously from florida and i am pretty sure eboards are illegal here. Sucks. Anyone else in florida get hassled out on the street? I live in a gated community that allows golf carts on the road so i can at least ride around my neighborhood.

I ride everywhere on my board, and have for over year. (I’m in florida too)

Cops don’t seem to care, as they haven’t even given me a weird look… maybe it’s just not worth their time, or they don’t feel like talking to some guy about riding an electric skateboard.Bbut either way it seems totally fine to me, and I wouldn’t worry about it.


cool. where are you at?

That sucks. I know the Marbel folks show them riding all over Tampa without issue. Is it just your cops in your area are jerks or are you doing anything that might increase your visibility to them? Like riding in the street vs bike lane or going really fast to grab their attention?

I dont have an eboard finished yet but i was reading a lot of laws for fl. And it is illegal. Well hopefully i won’t get hassled to much but i know the electric scooters get hassled in my area.

I have been contacted by security guards who are moonlighting police here in California and they thought I was a push boarder. Took multiple explanations and showing the motor before the light bulb went on .

I think just fake push now and then and lots of people will never know your powered.


Are there actual laws that explicitly forbid it or is it just one of those things that isn’t really addressed ?

Legalized in California starting Jan 1.


Probably in a lot of places the police don’t really care but if a skater got into an accident it could completely change the legal situation if there is an injury or an insurance company is looking for a loophole to save on payouts.


Yea I know about that I was just asking about the OP in Florida. I live in CA now but I’m originally from FL.

I dont think there is a law that specifically targets electric skateboards but the catagory it falls into in what they do explain, is.

Florida law does not explicitly forbid electric skateboards. They don’t explicitly mention them at all in the way that they have explicit mentions of Segways, power chairs, bicycles, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and literally everything else on the road. That’s because they have not yet been defined as a vehicle/class as far as I can google.

However, because of thier complete lack of explicit mention, they do fall into the unmentioned, unregulated, and not-sure-about-that category of vehicles over 1 HP that aren’t listed as a personal assistive electric vehicle. That being said, it is easy to look at the way the law is written and say they are illegal because there is nowhere they are allowed to ride other than private property due to their lack of legal existence.

SO the practicality of it is this: Cops don’t care, they aren’t enforcing it, and the general public is too fascinated by them when seen in the wild that they have nothing bad to say about them; read: they aren’t stirring up shit. In fact, they all pretty much think they are the shit and want one until i tell them how much they cost to build. The numbers are not high enough to become a nuisance, and they’re still too rare to be a concern for lawmakers at this point.

In other words: nobody important enough AND/OR not enough people has/have died on an electric skateboard for lawmakers to make them explicitly illegal, and no one has set up a large enough shop in this state to lobby for making them explicitly legal with reasonable regulation. As far as the state is concerned, they just don’t exist yet.

Cops are basically too busy getting ready for the imminent decriminalization of weed and dealing with serious offenses to care. Not to mention busting down doors and shooting my unarmed friends in the face over <64 grams of said weed. When they aren’t doing that, they’re harassing black people or chasing down the legendary Florida Man who is mentioned in all of those headlines.


Also this is a state full of gun shows where people regularly sell unlisted, unlicensed weapons of mass shootings to “death enthusiasts” who seem to enjoy bringing them into Cracker Barrel improperly holstered and not safetied so that they fall out ,hit the floor, and shoot their friends in the leg.

That being said, i plan to sell plenty of unliscened “illegal” grossly over powered rocket sticks to Floridians who want to do something besides kill things or do bath salts and eat people’s faces.


Lol … flakka is the new thing. They be getting naked in the streets! Haha

Lol my favorite part of your description is the “legendary Florida Man”. Anyway, I grew up in Florida and while there were a few drive by shootings at my neighbors house, other than those I never actually really saw or experienced anything even remotely close to the crazy news articles always coming out of there.

its quiet where I live too, for the most part. Except for the flash mob robberies that occured earlier this year that weren’t actually flash mobs or robberies but instead just a bunch of white cops doing what white cops do when they have an opportunity to sensationalize what the “criminal element” is up to when doing things in groups and generally being disruptive teenagers who originate from a culture of oppression and boredom. Man I was laughing for days about that. First they were robbing the theater at the mall where I skate, then they were shooting people in the parking lot, then they were robbing a gas station. NONE of that shit actually happened. LOL

lmfaooooo . well said bud . so i have a question . where is the best place to ride the eboard . on side walks or bike lanes .

Bike Lanes for sure. Sidewalks are a pain in the ass. Too many cracks. In bike lane you can go way faster and it’s much easier, also, I don’t think any cops are gonna fuck with you on either. At least not in my area.

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It will be interesting to see what the reaction is here too.its a fancy-schmancy area where things can get a bit “uppity” at times, and I have never seen a e-board in town. My first real outing will be to Mizner and then the beach…should be interesting.

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Hello People, I live in kissimmee, we are forming a Electric Skateboard Riders Club for adult and young people in the Florida State if you interested joining, let me know. This is my email [email protected] thanks Nestor Perez

Why is it illegal?