Florida Performace Day

Going to be taking some boards down to Florida in January to visit the great and honorable @longhairedboy. Bringing a friend, so I thought why not try a little south east group ride/performance day?

Just posting up gauging interest seeing if people would wanna come. First or second weekend in January.




Worst case: We ride wild and free like a bunch of disorganized hooligans!

Seriously the bike paths here are amazing. Bring your watt hours!

We may be able to do some street racing on a not-too-busy road that jake and i always test on right next to the house. Speed limit on that road is 30, and the cars are kind. I’m also going to look around and see if i can find some dead zones we can liven up. Several neighborhoods are in construction in the area which means fresh streets with no houses. We might be able to do something with that too.

I’m in Atlanta but my brother lives near Orlando. Depending on the date, I may be able to drive down!

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I’m down. I live about 45 min from LHB. He’s not lying, the trails around here are bad ass.

fly me out plz


We could have a hell of a game of follow the leader. Last man standing wins beer on plant street in winter garden.

Not sure what the rules are, but beer. Also anyone who wants to park at my house and carpool to the trail head is welcome. I can seat two extra people.

Also stay as long as you like. We can after-party at the shop, recharge, and go for a night ride too.

Also i’ll bring the “recharging rope”, which is basically a ski rope i made for towing peeps with dead packs.


This is going to be a fun trip!

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I am free both of the first weekends of January. So whichever date we can get the most people to come to would be the weekend I come down. I have a day drive down and a day drive back so trying to make it as fun as possible.

Jan 6-7th or Jan 13-14th

Where is this? Orlando? I’m by gulf shores!

I’d love that I’m here in Miami I can try to get off work I just need a solid date

Left coast we call it the “tow rope of shame.” If the SPD group can be of any service or assistance, I think we’d be glad to help.

Ocoee. 20 minutes west of Orlando or about 12 miles from downtown proper.

If we’re good with meeting up at the shop to carpool and condense and just chill until everyone gets there, I’ll PM coordinates upon request to anyone wanting to attend. Hit me up and i’ll send you my address. Otherwise you’ll have to buy something from me and look at the label when you get it.

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This straw poll is for deciding if we do it on the 6th or the 13th.


I voted! I can also do a poll inside this thread if we want.

I mean technically, does any other vote count? lol 13th it is(unless everyone is busy)

Looks like everyone is voting for the 13th.

13th it is!

I’ll mark the calendar. Maybe i’ll even do a little thingy on facebook and insta.

I should have my Raptor 2 by then but if not I have my good old Raptor 1 or my diy… But my diy always rattles it’s self loose no matter how much lock tight I use

let me have it for a minute. I’ll stare at it menacingly until the bolts and i understand each other.

There are also other tricks we can try. There are many kinds of thread locker, some of them aren’t even thread locker. Plenty of substances can clog up threads and prevent vibration. I’ve even twisted in a drop of hot glue before.


Rip, leaving to Jacksonville on the 8th, just missing it.

booooooooooooooo i say.