Floureon lipo batteries - do they suck?

I found this link on reddit (I linked to the comments because that’s where the instructions are) but the tldr is that I can buy twelve 5500mah 4s floureon batteries for $133 after taxes. This would be perfect for my Esk8 (albeit far more than I need) if these batteries are not garbage. Should I buy them? Do you guys have experience with floureon lipos?

And yes I know li-ion is a lot better but I can’t afford that and I don’t care all that much about the weight reduction.

i’ve some and i’ve no problems with them.

I also have some, posted pics on my build thread Have yet to test them, but they look promising for about $101.00 free shipping on aliexpress. They are 40C 8000mAh.

Didnt read, the text for bulk saving.

EDIT: holy CRAP. Thats good. This is a sick deal, 2P 11000mAh, 3P 16500mAh, my ghod youll be riding for days with these.

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I’ll probably do 2s1p to start and work my way up to 3s2p if my board is large enough.

Cool! How long have you used them? Do you balance them often?

Voltage sage would be very low if the battery pack used up those 6+ packs

Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean

UPDATE: they arrived a few weeks but i just got to test them. EVERY SINGLE CELL IS BALANCED. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. i can post proof if you guys want but i currently have 48 5500mah cells at 3.85 (+/- 0.01) volts sitting on my dinner table.

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Lol I’ll buy a few if you are willing to sell somewhat cheap :wink:

i’m figuring it out right now but im gonna split these between myself and a friend who is also building a board. Chances are we’re each gonna use half but if we have spares i’ll hit you up

cool. just pm me if so

Let me know how you test them. I will have to do the same with mine, as they are also just sitting on my dining room table :grimacing:

Still waiting for jlabs motors to restock

So? How do they perform?

They perform really well. The first ride I took with them I hut 10miles distance with max of 24mph on my setup. Had about 40-60% left (at 3.95v) on a 40c 3x3s 11.1v8000mAh lipos. I have set them outside maybe for 5-6 days at a time in 80F weather in its kitchen lunchbox at full charge sometimes and haven’t seen a single performance flaw. Charging is a pain as it takes about 30-45 minutes each from storage to full. But I think my charger is bad as it says 4.2v on the screen but my lipo Alarms say ~4.09-4.15v

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I have some of these for sale. Decided I’m too lazy to use lipos. PM me if your in southern California

They’re fantastic. Im currently waiting on a repair on my ollin vesc but hopefully i’ll be back up and running soon

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Allright sounds great. Do you guys recommend a bms with these batteries or is it better to use a balancecharger?

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i’ve been using a bms but you can use whatever.

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