Flux linkage problem

im just lost. these motors passed foc the first time i did it but they where weak. so bypassed bms and tryed to reset them and now this. Full power still going to both vesc and blue lights all round so im stumped

Video unavailable?

Plug it into the computer and try it with the arrow keys.

Have you set the throttle range on the nano x. As in full throttle then brake?

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The adjusted of the ppm should be one of the reasons why it’s so less power output, but did you here the sound of the motors. Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t sound healthy.

ive set the throttle range. all ive done is try run the normal foc test this keeps happening. ive spent a year building and waiting for parts and now its just sitting there not working laughing at me.ive tryed using the arrow key to adjust things but no joy.please help