Flux motion build my first diy any advice

Working on my first build have flux deck enclosure. Spirtend esc and remote 6384 flipsky motors Getting chi battery pack 22s9p

Waiting to order matrix trucks and wheels… Going to get boardnamics m1 at drive

Any one have thoughts or advise

If you plan to go offroad/ lots of grass, consider a gear drive. less maintenance, less problems. I will be posting my Flux build soon if you want some inspiration, first want to get it insured to go on the streets legally

Yes I getting gear drives from boardnamics What bms are you going to use?

Loctite is key. If not learn to fall better. Sounds like a nice pile of pieces needing assembly. Don’t burn your house down. Wear a helmet.

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Always have a helmet Waiting for msb to restock matrix trucks

Could you explain that further? Where are you boarding? What classifications are there? How much coverage are you mandated?

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Anyone have. DAVEGA X. Thinking about getting one???

Also where can I get a smart bms?

Post a want to buy thread.