Flywheels - Clones vs The Real Thing?

So I am getting the Carvon v2.5 single raw, and obviously they come with clones. The Clones are 90mm 78a. If I could get some 90mm 75a Flywheels, how much of a difference would I notice? Obviously they are softer wheels so the ride might be slightly smoother, but other than that what is the real benefit of the real deal?

It is exactly what you stated

It is really a matter of sacrifice…

More expensive = Good ride less cost = not as good as a ride

@ekitesurfer could prob give you a real opinion between the two options

I have 2 Carvon setups. One with the clones the other with the real deal. The real Flywheels are better, but the clones are still very good. Softer ride and better grip. If you mainly ride on smooth surfaces, you won’t notice much of a difference. If you ride on rougher streets, I’d opt for the Abec 11’s.

Life is too short to drink cheap beer or ride cheap wheels, get the flywheels, you deserve it!


there shouldn´t be any magic in there. So some of the clones might be the same urethane like the original ones (or maybe even better).

There shouldn’t be, but there is a magic. It is kind of like believing in Santa Claus when you are a kid. At least the clones that I saw seemed to have a harder compound, did not seem as nice as the flywheels.

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There is no comparing genuine flywheels to clones. Especially if you are getting 75a’s. Those are the best wheels you can get for esk8 and worth the extra cost. You’ll be glad you made this choice, trust me.

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I’m excited. I got a set of 97mm 75a real abec flywheels coming in.

I’ll let y’all know how it fees

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Assuming the formulation of the urethane is the same between generic and brand. Either one would work. However, get a wheel with higher rebound. I am assuming the ABEC 11 Flywheels have better urethane formula.

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I agree. I tried the 90mm clone and 97mm ABEC and the diff is night and day. The Flywheels stuck to the ground whereas the clone will easily slip right off. Maybe the folks at ABEC has some kind of shaman imbuing something magical onto their wheels. :wind_blowing_face:

I think the magic is the attention to detail and quality control that comes with a higher end product. I’m quite sure the raw materials that go into Abec11 wheels costs the same as those in the clones, but Abec11 has a lot more riding on getting their formula down right than knockoffs.

So the thing is, that abec11 produce their flywheels in the USA - so no chinese factory is able to sell the same wheels without brandings. That´s probably the reason why they have a secret-magic-dust-urethan-formula, that noone is able to copy

i’ve tried original flywheels and clones and i feel the original ones have more grip and are softer