FOC BOX heat sink plastic tape removal?

Hello all, I I just noticed that my FOCBOX has a clear tape over the thermal compound used to connect the FETs and Alumium and was wondering if this was supposed to be removed during production or is part of the product?

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likely should have been removed. Thermal tape has double sided plastic film that should be removed prior to use. the heatsink should have thermal conductivity (but no electrical) to the pcb

you should remove that. Some computer heatsinks come with thermal paste on you just have to remove the tap and install.

Yes that was a manufacturing error. Needs to be removed


Just be careful because they do have sil pads, and are often employed in electronics for heat dissipation. Example is:

I don’t think it’s a clear thin plastic like in your picture, but food for thought.

Why would enertion leave this here? What if people run their focboxes with this and it melts? Isn’t this a potential big problem?

This was certainly a manufacturing defect. If it caused any issues, something like this would almost certainly be covered under warranty. (speaking as a NON-enertion-employee here)

This is absolutely without a doubt supposed to be removed by the person manufacturing this.

Enertion QC fail

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Pictures are being shown to production. I’m pretty sure this was just human error folks.

And yes if anything were to happen due to the film, then it would absolutely be covered.


Good Catch!

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Mine was like this too, I laughed because it was 100% an error. People please check your focboxes because this is probably in a large number of batches.

Thanks for the find, checked mine and found the plastic tape too…

I can’t believe Jonny medusa keeps doing this :joy:

??? I’m not really sure to Understand, but if it make you happy :man_shrugging:

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It’s a joke Johnny :mask: