FOC BOX in Black

I was one of the unlucky guys that bought an FOC BOX early and had the “wrong resistor” issue. I found out late but Enertion sent me a replacment for it, which i received yesterday. I haven’t programmed/used it yet but will soon. I thought I’d share some pics and some thoughts about it. First and foremost it looks beautiful in black and with the logo embossed into the case. Really nice.

It has a nice XT60U-M connector, which is a nice touch as well.

But here is where things get strange. First the motor leads are 14awg. I like 12 to 10 awg. Not a big deal as i can solder some on myself but I wonder why 14awg was chosen when the original FOCBox i had was 10awg i think. Not a big deal.

Last, there are 4mm bullet connectors on the 14awg motor leads. Round here we, or at least i like to roll with 5.5mm on my bullets but i guess 5.5mm bullets would look strange on 14awg leads. Again, no big deal as I have spare connectors i can use. Just curious as to why these choices were made when the original one i had wasn’t this way.

Regardless of the motor lead and bullet connector differences, I am excited to finally have a working FOCBOX and am eager to bust some amps through this thing and love the new look. Anyone else have an FOCBOX like this ?

I think the bullet connectors are okay even at just 4mm, I read somewhere that they can handle more than 60A

4mm connectors are perfect and i think 14awg is fine if you use it with higher voltage and short wires. 12awg would be better though.

I’ve been eboarding for some time and all of my esk8 stuff is already 5.5 bullets and 12 to 10 AWG. It’s worked great for me so far and so i think I’ll stick with that but thanks for the advice anyway.