Foc brakes cutting out with drv error

When i used maytech dual vesc i used the following settings with no issues. Motormax : 60A Motormin : -40A Batterymax : 30A Batterymin -8.

I found these settings was reliable with the maytechs… as soon as i went over 30A on battery max i had cutouts and problems as soon as i pushed hard.

I’ll try 30a later, thanks!

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If you run these it should work fine. I would probably increase battery min to about 20 or so but that depends on what batteries you are using. With vescs you pretty much get what you pay for. If you want to run higher limits you will need to “invest” in it.

So I did 30 and 25 for batt current and it still cuts out. Feels bad man.

As I said earlier this seems to be a dud vesc as I’ve been running 40a with no issues on an unsensored motor. . Issue only happens when I peg the throttle instantly which I couldn’t do with an unsensored motor instead of slowly ramping up to full

Going to try another firmware now

Went from 3.38 to ackmaniac and still having the same problem. I think it’s just a hardware issue now.

Burying up this old thread while searching for any answer to why I got this error. Running FOC on a maytech VESC will probably not work at all and could lead to permanent damage on the VESC. So to anyone reading this be aware of this before attempting it.

Not true. I have a Maytech VESC that I have run on FOC for over 4 months. BLDC ran it for 2 months.

60,-60,40, -12.

on a 10s3p battery.

Don’t put a blanket statement as all Maytech VESC’s aren’t created equally. My 100a has been solid from day 1.

you should edit your post to reflect the specific hardware / version of the VESC you are talking about, as there are multiple maytech VESCs

@anon64938381 @mixedcreation My bad. I meant the single 50A one. The 100A might be more solid. Also I might have gotten a bad unit, I regret making that statement.


all good my dude. Whether a 4.xx VESC can run FOC is entirely up to chance. My TB 4.12 VESCs (sold to me around December 2017) ran FOC perfectly, yet people who bought them before and after I did, struggled with FOC and blown DRV chips.

It feels very ‘silicone lottery’-ish to me, unless there is difference in the precision of soldering / manufacturing that no one has noticed yet

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