Foc brakes cutting out with drv error


Been getting these errors in foc mode, anyone knows how to solve it? Brakes would cutout.

Tried halving and doubling observer gain with no difference in results.

Does the same thing with different motors

vesc4, 6, dual, focbox ?

Single 4.12

which brand, with heatsink? hw4.12 doesn´t like FOC usually (as min the cheap versions) it´s only while braking, just to double check that, right? what´s your max min settings?

Yes with heat sink. Maytech made. I’ve just been turning the wheel by hand while braking and this happens.

90 and 60 motor max and min, 40 and 40 batt max and min

Current in when braking cuts out at about 15a

switch to bldc and check if it´s happening there too. did you check that there no bad/cold solder points and that all connections properly? bullet connectors pluged together totally, xt90 plugged in 100% etc.

Yeah everything is solid, BLDC works great, been riding on it but hall sensors only detect in foc so I want to switch to that.

You can’t run foc on maytech vesc, they are super unstable in Foc. Bldc mode and you’ll be fine.

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So went back to BLDC, getting drv errors on instantaneous full throttle. What the hell.

Any ideas?

maybe you already broke your DRV during the time you was playing with FOC.

Your settings are way to high. Lower them to 30 and 20 motor min max and try again. Do this in bldc unless you have Enertion or ollin vescs.

Don’t think so, it works fine if I don’t full throttle instantly. If I give it 80% doesn’t cut out.

It was running these settings fine before with an unsensored motor. I guess it didn’t throw this fault since I physically couldn’t throttle all the way instantly from a standstill without cogging

which motor and voltage you running_ if its 12s at 190/200kV it could be your problem if you didn’t set an erpm limit.

9s 210kv. I think erpm should be ok. Old Motor was 210kv too it cuts out long before I hit full speed. Like half a second after throttling to full from a standstill

Right now I’m thinking it might just be a bad VESC from the start, just that I didn’t catch the problem before when using an unsensored motor

From my testing maytech vesc can only handle around 30A on battery max. If you do over this it will cut out on full throttle. At least this was the case for me.

I’ve seen 40a on my telemetry before, albeit not instantly throttling to full from a stop before. No errors then.