FOC on MTB, max length battery wires

I want to run FOC on my dual FOCBOX MTB build. I plan to mount batteries between my feet and the FOCBOX on the rear of the deck above the motors. Should I be concerned with the length of the battery wires?

No. If you’re super concerned you could add another cap board, but unless you’re board is like 10 feet long, you’re good.

Max length should be about 22".

So I may have exaggerated :slight_smile:

I still think you’ll be fine.

Awesome thanks. Just can’t deal with a dead FOCBOX lol

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I re-read that…you said FOC on FOCBOX…I think I just saw FOXBOX.

It may matter a bit more (and it’s 22cm not 22in), but you can combat it a bit by adding extra capacitors close to the VESCs


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I’m curious as to if I can place the FOCBOX in my battery enclosure and just have long phase wires. Or just run in BLDC and not worry about it!

From those links, in FOC it is preferable to have short battery wires and longer phase wires, but I don’t know how far you can take that.

I would recommend to run the focbox in the battery enclosure if will fit. Far as I know there is no issue with long phase wires.

Alternatively you can run extra caps if your battery wires are too long, though I think option one is still preferable.

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