FOC vs BLDC for a Dual 190kv 12s setup

I’m currently running TB vesc FOC sensored with hubth 6s, so yeah that points more toward erpm. haven’t had an issue other than heat.

I mean essentially FOCbox is just the VESC 4.12 repackaged with better thermal management. They put direct FETs on the same side and added a heatsink to handle higher current loads. But at the heart of it, it’s still VESC v4, and thus still plagued with the same problems. The key is just convincing everyone it’s better :smirk:

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meh … got a new trampa board here and now i cant decide if i try FOC on 12S with 2 190KV motors and 2 focboxes or not.

as far as i understood it only becomes a problem at +60k erpm, so would it help if i just set the erpm limit to 55k just to be safe? i usualy dont drive faster then 35kmh so the 12S setup is mainly for gaining watt hours.