FOCBOX (£110) NANO-X (£40) UK & EUROPE (EU) - * BUY NEW * Next Day UK Delivery * >> ** ALL SOLD! ** << :D

Indeed :slight_smile: I’m from Belgium so EU it is.

Just fried my old esc from alienpowersystem, thinking focbox should be a good replacement.

OK, Cool! & yep they seem to be very well made IMO & nice & compact! :slight_smile:

I will Add you to the list for the following: £125.94 = Single FOCBOX + PayPal - Goods & Services (3.4% + £0.20) + EUROPE P&P (£12)

I need to make a trip to the Post Office to see what Packaging options they have; I will do this soon before I have to leave for work…

Others selling FOCBOX have used Jiffy Bags & the FOCBOX’s are already wrapped in bubble wrap. They seem well protected in there cases also so I think this would be OK. Would you be happy with this if I cant find any tiny Box’s? lol

Thanks again!

As long as it arrives unharmed, i’m OK with that :smile: Cool, let me know if you find out.

Haha Yep sure! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Item will be covered up to £250 if any problems so all should be good! :nerd_face:

I’ve also added you to the list - No rush for payment atm until I’ve sorted Packaging but I will do this ASAP & get back to you! - Hopefully get this posted to you tomorrow at the latest if that is OK! (Once you have paid of course) lol


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I’m interested in a couple of FOCBOX’s, plus the remote (because why not).

£281.04 = Dual FOCBOX + NANO-X + PayPal - Goods & Services (3.4% + £0.20) + EUROPE P&P (£12) Is £281.04 the actual amount i need to send you?

Friend and family is not allowed - forum rules

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Hey Riva, Yep that’s correct! £281.04 :slight_smile:

Would you like me to add you to the list/Reserve you the parts? :grinning:

Thanks for that! I have recommended everybody to pay via ‘‘Goods & Services’’ but was unaware of that forum rule…

I will amend the listing when I get back home…


it’s only not allowed for group buys. this dude has the product ready to ship. he also recommends to pay with goods. your all good bro @KOMODO :slight_smile:

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Hi Komodo, I’ll take 2 please! Thanks for offering the deal.

£232 = Dual FOCBOX + PayPal - Friends & Family (NO FEE) + EUROPE P&P (£12)

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I will take two foc box and nano remote. £281.04 = Dual FOCBOX + NANO-X + PayPal - Goods & Services (3.4% + £0.20) + EUROPE P&P (£12)

Now I got to do some quick reading on how to hook this up to two Meepo hub motors and using the Meepo esc enclosure (I wonder if I can use the battery indicator and power button from it).

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Please do Komodo. I’ll be pulling the trigger today or tomorrow for this. Thanking you

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Yes please!

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THANKS GUYS! > I’m running a little late for work ATM but have some packaging now so if you want the FOCBOX & NANO-X soon I can get them sent out tomorrow…

I will Add everybody’s name to the List by the end of today! :star_struck:

… Only 1 NANO-X Remaining by the sounds of it so get your order in quick if you definitely want one!

Cheers! I will get back to everybody shortly…


eh no

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@KOMODO you may charge what you like, but we do not allow F&F sales through the forum. Pls edit to remove this option. Thx.

Thx @banjaxxed good looking out.

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It was pointed out earlier - already said he’s ammending the ad after work later :+1:t2:

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Sorry for the delay guys! I had to work until 23:00 :sob: :violin::violin::violin: & then have some quick food when I got home! :ramen::roll_eyes:

I have added everybody to the list! Hopefully with no mistakes made…

Thanks for the Payments @eightyeightmph & @KickMe, I will get your FOCBOX sent out by the end of tomorrow!!!

I assume that the last collection time at my local post office is around 16:00 (Unconfirmed atm) so if anybody else on the list gets money sent to me before around 13:00ish that would be great as I can then get everyones FOCBOX’S/NANO-X sent out quickly & at the same time! :slight_smile:

On another note; I kinda messed up & forgot to include the P&P costs in the Paypal fee calculation but my loss is your gains! :sleeping: lol >> I will also keep the current totals as they are for all future orders…

Thanks again y’all! :love_you_gesture:

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oh really? thought it was allowed if the items being sold were in hand and ready to ship?