FOCBOX (£110) NANO-X (£40) UK & EUROPE (EU) - * BUY NEW * Next Day UK Delivery * >> ** ALL SOLD! ** << :D

Hey there my fellow esk8 builders!!

I recently visited to finally buy a couple of esk8 items for my own build and I got a little carried away by bulk purchasing a few FOCBOX units & Nano-X hand controllers! :p

I have spent every penny I have on import Duties, VAT & unfortunate hidden fees (via my bank) & also a great time waiting for the items to arrive but I am now happy to offer these back to the esk8 community at a good price without the worry of hidden costs or long delivery times! :slight_smile:

I have 16 FOCBOXunits & 3 Nano-X hand controllers available here in the UK ready to post out ASAP to anybody located the UK/Europe who is interested… I’m looking for £110 for each FOCBOX & £40 for each Nano-X (Price Includes VAT) plus either £8 Postage to UK (Via ROYAL MAIL SPECIAL DELIVERY - 1PM NEXT DAY) or £12 to EUROPE (Via ROYAL MAIL INTERNATIONAL TRACKED & SIGNED DELIVERY - 3 to 5 Days)

PayPal fees (@3.4% + £0.20) will also need to be added & please use the PayPal ‘Goods & Services’ payment option to send any payments to myself for the parts advertised. Do not use the ‘Friends Family’ option as this is ‘Not covered by Buyer Protection’ and has recently been brought to my attention that it is actually ‘Against Forum Rules’ to pay in this way. Thanks!

Also Note: As there is a limited supply of Nano-x (Only 3 Available), anybody interested in a Nano-X must also purchase at least 1 FOCBOX… Thanks! :slight_smile:

* EU buyers may also be charged a small PayPal currency conversion fee * so please double check this on the PayPal website related to your country before purchasing…

If you are interested in this FOXY FOCBOX DEAL then just let me know what OPTIONS you would like by posting a reply to this post & get yourself added on the list!

Thanks y’all! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



£121.94 = Single FOCBOX + PayPal - Goods & Services (3.4% + £0.20) + UK P&P (£8)

£235.68 = Dual FOCBOX + PayPal - Goods & Services (3.4% + £0.20) + UK P&P (£8)

£163.30 = Single FOCBOX + NANO-X + PayPal - Goods & Services (3.4% + £0.20) + UK P&P (£8)

£277.04 = Dual FOCBOX + NANO-X + PayPal - Goods & Services (3.4% + £0.20) + UK P&P (£8)

£125.94 = Single FOCBOX + PayPal - Goods & Services (3.4% + £0.20) + EUROPE P&P (£12)

£239.68 = Dual FOCBOX + PayPal - Goods & Services (3.4% + £0.20) + EUROPE P&P (£12)

£167.30 = Single FOCBOX + NANO-X + PayPal - Goods & Services (3.4% + £0.20) + EUROPE P&P (£12)

£281.04 = Dual FOCBOX + NANO-X + PayPal - Goods & Services (3.4% + £0.20) + EUROPE P&P (£12)

I will get back to everybody regarding Payment & Packaging info ASAP once there are a few people showing some interest in this deal! (I am also waiting on enertion to answer a couple of questions regarding purchase of extended warranties if this is something anybody would be interested in? I will keep you all updated…)




After putting your name on the list (via this Forum thread) & letting me know what Option you would like please send your payment via PayPal.Me/DanBeare

Please also make sure to send me your User Name, Real Name & Postal Address via PayPal so that I can keep track of who has paid and where to send the FOCBOX(S)/NANO X! :slight_smile:

Once each payment is received FOCBOX’S & NANO-X controllers will be packaged & sent ASAP from the UK via Royal Mail tracked delivery!! :slight_smile:

(Any problems just send me a message & I will get back to you ASAP!)



@Pablo95 >> Single FOCBOX + PayPal Fee + EUROPE P&P = £125.94 (PAID) @eightyeightmph >> Single FOCBOX + PayPal Fee + UK P&P = £121.94 (PAID) @riva_00 >> Dual FOCBOX + NANO-X + PayPal Fee + UK P&P = £277.04 (PAID) @KickMe >> Dual FOCBOX + PayPal + EUROPE P&P = £232 (PAID) @sayekim >> Dual FOCBOX + NANO-X + PayPal Fee + EUROPE P&P = £281.04 (PAID) @colinphotovideo >> Single FOCBOX + NANO-X + PayPal + UK P&P = £158 (PAID) @nthatchable >> FOCBOX (x4) + PayPal Fee + UK P&P = £463.16 (PAID) @idea >> Dual FOCBOX + PayPal Fee + EUROPE P&P = £239.68 (PAID) @jga >> Single FOCBOX + PayPal Fee + UK P&P = £121.94 (PAID)

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Dude, that would mean you bought 2 or 3 too many and not 16. Happy Black Friday! GLWTS anyhow.

Im in the UK looking for a Nano-X. I know you said you won’t sell them on their own but if you change your mind or someone just wants the FOCBOX then happy to work something out.

I just bought two FOCBOX as well, one from Poland and one from France!

HAHA Yeah it was a bit of an impulse buy! :nerd_face: (Quite a bit of effort in thee end too > Cancelling orders etc due to bank fees etc) & Thanks! Hopefully I can help a few people on the forum get a decent deal without all the hassle! …

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Have you had your customs bill through ? Ive not had anything YET :confused: which company was it from as my order had a UK postage label !

Yeah, importing stuff in EU or UK can be a drag. Always better in bulk. But too much bulk can get you in more trouble, there are some limits for personal use…

‘Possession of FOCBoxes with intent to supply’ :joy:


OK No worries! I think there may be a few people after the NANO X & It’s a lot better deal with the FOCBOX so I feel its only fair to give those people priority but we shal see what the general vibe is & I will keep you updated! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you change your mind & want a spare; I’m keeping 4 myself just in case I have any problems etc…

Brought from enertionboards directly although package was sent from there factory in china & took over a month to finally arrive! :open_mouth:

If nobody wants them then I guess I will need to start building a few extra boards! haha

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Yeah me too, black friday. Ive not had an invoice through yet.

Lol thats a lot of boards. Im sure they will sell. Your buyer wont have to wait a month so its a great deal :+1:t2:

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I don’t think I really thought what I was gonna do with them upon purchasing although I do know how awkward it is to get hold of this stuff in the UK. Will pay all VAT etc but no bills as of yet! :S

As I said above these will get posted ASAP Via 1day delivery in the UK. Can’t get better than that! ;D 3days to EUROPE isn’t bad either so let me know if you are interested & I can get the packaging sorted sooon…

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Yep EXACTLY! :wink:

I’ve just PM’D you. Check please

Well I actually have 2 FOCBOX and 1 Nano-X I ordered in the Cyber monday sale but, you know, Enertion.

I need my board quicker than they are gonna get here.

I have secured a Nano-X now anyways from someone that PM’d me from seeing my post here so thanks!

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OK Sorry I couldn’t help you out atm! Hope your FOCBOX from enertion gets to you soon & you get your board sorted!! :disappointed_relieved:

As this is early days I would like to see what the general interest is & give the people who want to purchase a FOCBOX the chance to have a good deal on the NANO X also.

Hope you understand & got a good deal on the NANO X! :wink:

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Totally understand dude! GLWS

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…* List of example Options edited & PayPal Link Added *

This is the very best price I can do; Get your name on the list & Grab a great deal! :money_mouth_face:

Thanks! BEARE


Hey, i’m intrested in buying a focbox !


I take it you would like to Pay Via ‘‘Goods & Services’’ & are you located in the UK or EU?