Focbox current settings

I have some questions regarding the setup of a focbox with a Turnigy 280 kv motor and 2 turnigy lipo batteries 6s 5000 mah 40-50c. Right now the lipos are in parallel and the motor has too high kV rating but that is what I have for now :slight_smile:
For now, I have these settings, but I am not quite satisfied yet since I feel like it is sagging and the weirdest thing of all is when i try to make the board go forward without me standing on it, it sags and actually goes backwards for a bit?

I know this is a weird problems but can anyone help?? image

What exactly do you mean by “sagging”?

when I ride, it mostly happens during acceleration, where the motor stops accelerating and then i kind of falls forward.

Would try bench testing it while hooked to the vesc tool so you can see how much the voltage is actually sagging from the VESC. You can use your shoe or whatever to provide some friction against the driving wheel with it upside down to provide some load.

The going in reverse thing sounds like a receiver or transmitter problem but easiest to do some testing with the real-time data enabled in the vesc tool rather than guess what’s happening.

okay thx I will try that :slight_smile:

Do you have a Bluetooth module? Hook it up and log your ride with any of the Esk8 apps. It will show you in detail what happens to your battery. Better than any bench test you could make.

Sure I assumed no module usually people with them will post that data right away. Also if things are acting funny better to test it while not on top of it rather than down the street or in an alley.

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Also post screenshots of the control mode and receiver input if you aren’t able to discern what’s going on after testing.

You should probably make a new thread so as to not mix things up here unless you believe this is the same underlying issue. Not sure what you mean by eco and fast mode though is this using metr or ackmaniac software?

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Thx - I dont har that but maybe i should consider buying it :slight_smile:

I agree :slight_smile: thx