FOCBOX Documentation

Hi everyone, I would like to build my own Eskate using enertions FOCBOXES. I was looking around for a detailed documentaion of all its Pins but could not quite find one. I would like to use cruisecontrol and was wondering, if I can implement this in the FOCBOXES or if I would have to program the remote to give a continous signal. Furthermore I would like to use the 5V 1A pin on the FOCBOX to put some LEDs on. Would it be possible to control this pin with the remote like an ON/OFF Switch? Alternatively would it be possible to control all this using the RX/TX Serial communication Pins on the FOXBOX? It would be awesome if you could help me or point me to any tutorials I may have missed.


Depends on your remote channels for that, think g2b has some channels you can use for that kind of stuff

Do I have to program the remote myself, like the signals, it is sending? How do I know, what signals the FOCBOX needs to do something?

mmmmm this??


Cool, thanks a lot. Now I have to look for tutorials on how to properly use those pins:)

Did you finally find a tutorial and manage to program light? i am interesting in using the comm pins of the FOCBOX.

This forum is exactly that.

in the FOCBOXes

That’s 5 watts maximum, minus whatever your radio receiver uses… They won’t be bright, or you might burn up your DRV8302 chip

No; you are limited to one RC channel.

Yes; if you write C99 code.

I haven´t continued building yet because I am still waiting on some parts from Enertion and I am still looking for a proper BMS :wink: But yeah, once the parts arrive, I will go on with the build, thx for the answers anyway, thats very helpful :slight_smile: