FOCBOX Europe Group Hook-UP 18/18!

Planning on having a few of these in August - curious if any euro peeps are interested in purchasing - they will be cheaper as I’m buying in bulk and getting rid of import fees, cause i pick them up while in the states. Help give me a feel for how many I’m packing.

Pre-sale warning here. Through the group buy there will be no vendor warranty. I will check these when I receive them to make sure they fire up. After that…

Shooting for 115 each plus shipping from Spain and paypal fees.

Small first buy here just 18 units this first round. Thus far 18 of 18 are spoken for. Well played gents.

rpasichnyk - 2 PAID Silverline - 2 + Canbus PAID yaca -2 PAID Gynpe - 1 PAID Mikkiller - 1 PAID Yecrtz -2 + canbus PAID coolwhip - 1 PAID pakue - 2 PAID Peetaa - 1PAID hornet90 - 1PAID banjaxxed -1 PAID Yoxcu - 1 PAID Brandtisco - 1 PAID

No longer a waitlist: Second Group Buy in case you missed it.


Line starts here gentlemen.

Much love, Hunter


Cool, i`m one of the lucky guys on the list :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for doing this.

Btw. The cable between two focboxès in a dual setup (the can bus cable i believe) do enertion sell them as well ? If yes, any change we could buy them together with the focbox ?

Thanks for doing this. When do you expect to be able to ship?

You’re a legend man!

What’s up gents,

I should be getting these while stateside and checking them. They will be shipped mid-late August when I’m back in Europe.

Oh yeah, let me know when where you will be Aug 20th- 26th so I can calculate the shipping costs.

Cant see form to fill out… Put me down for 1

Thanks for spreading the vesc-love, I’ll take one from you dude, sent a PM

Would also Like to get one, sent a PM!

Changed my mind …

I don’t know what this means…you are late if you wanted one…I can put you on a wait list in case someone doesn’t pay.

Working on finding a source for these while I’m stateside. I will get back to you, but may make this an option when I find them for a few extra euros.

@monkey32 Cool thanks :slight_smile: Now get to the states :stuck_out_tongue:

Already here man. Alaska pretty much rocks!


Alright ladies and gents, couple follow up things:

  1. How many of you would like to include canbus cables? I will be ordering a few sets for myself and can include them for 7 euros

  2. I will be calculating your totals tomorrow. I’ll post here when I need you to pay and send private messages with the total.

  3. The final order is being placed today. They should be to me within the week.

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hey man, I would maybe be interested in buying one, but not sure. Do I have to decide now?

The buy is full as of now, but I can put you on the wait list in case someone doesn’t pay or drops out. I’ll be collecting payment starting tomorrow.

Do you plan to make another group buy for the FOCBOX?

Not sure I will be able to find prices this low

oh thats unfortunate. ok put me on that waiting list then, I´d also take these canbus cables.

you already placed the order?

Yes i would like one can bus cable :smiley: