Focbox exploaded after motor detection

Well… what can be wrong? Just adjustment the amps arround 30A. Defined 10s battery voltage. Defined “no app” also Just pressed detect… and its exlopaded. Why??

This should be a warranty replacement here @CarlCollins. It looks like this is that batch where the protective film was not pulled off the thermal pad. So heat was not dissipated.

This is a known problem from a few people, myself included

Yes i have clear film on it. This is only the problem?.. i dont think so. The moror also got hot… very hot on this 2-3 seconds of detection…

Seems like there’s a lot of Foxbox problems at this time

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That sucks to hear cause there’s been a bunch of foc’s going out lately.

Most ALL of ‘em have been while detecting motors


2.5 years, 8 chaka vesc later, never had a failure. It seems like if you want something to work, you have to build it yourself or built by someone who knows what their doing (like chaka). I hope at some point, we can get quality vesc based ESCs again. It might just be a bad batch. I know many around me riding focboxes and they don’t have any issues Sill temped to invest in a reflow oven.

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We need to bring chaka Vescs back!!

This happened to @longhairedboy too, motor detection boom.

I don’t want to be byassed here, I do believe your story but why does it look like there’s a liquid substance on the pcb from the phase wires chips to the dvr chip, second focbox that has gone bad that I c the pcb like that . Maybe the guy that needs to get whiped on the sticker part convinced his friend to be lazy too and pour to much of said liquid to pcb

The question is how and what i need to do not to expload my other focbox?.. Now its on firmware 3.25 What is the right steps not to expload the other one… There is any good known youtube video for it?..

Well, check if it has that plastic film. If it does, remove the clear film. If not, i’d say go ahead and try to set it up.

Yes its had the clear tape. I removed it. But i dont think only the clear tape killed it while motor detection…

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motor should not get really warm while detecting


I think that plastic film was the cause of the issue. Please email to [email protected] with the image of the issue and your order ID. I hope we can fix it real quick :slight_smile:


My other focbox works well… looks like only one was not good out of the box. Will be replaced…

@Juvaknin ALWAYS open up FocBoxes upon arrival to check two things, out of the 4 I ordered, two of them had the film on and three of them were not aligned well:

1.) removal of clear film 2.) placement of thermal pads

There has been too many people seeing these issues. This is really important as it dissipates the heat to the aluminum. If the pad is not covering the diretFETs it’s not doing it’s job


That clear film totally wasnt the cause of failure. You can run detection with no heat sync attached.

Direct fets can handle something like 10-20 amps with no sync. Either way you’re under warranty