Focbox, Firmware, and BLDC

I have an inline fuse to protect the VESC. This proved true.

I went ahead and re-flashed firmware 2.54 and used the older BLDC tool. The motor detection worked fine along with all my other settings.

I’ll read up on the differences in firmware to see what I gain going to 3.1. Perhaps the firmware upload didn’t quite take the previous attempt.

I’m having trouble receiving values from the VESC. I’m able to send commands (I know this because the motor spins up when I do), but the data I receive back on the RX line is inevitably a 3 followed by 63 zeroes for all packets. I’m hoping this rings a bell for someone.

I’m using an “Explore M3” board, which is an Arduino-compatible ARM Cortex M3 thing, using the Serial1 port for VESC communications and Serial (USB) for debugging. VESC Hardware version is 4.12, and firmware is 3.40. The App is set to UART and I’ve verified that the baud rate for both the VESC and Arduino is 115200.