Focbox getting no signal after fried HM10 BT Module

So I got a splash of water in my enclosure, only the module died,all else is okay. But the fucking focbox is not getting any signal from the reciever, ppm tab is always at 50% The remote pairs instantly like before, and guess what this all happened 10meters away from the endpoint, and thats my house

What should i do? There are no faults in the focbox and I have no other reciever to check if its the recievers fault Also the reciever is turned on, theres the red light

Motor is spinning when i send the signal with pc with my keyboard… So I guess it should be the reciever?

Yeah I agree it sounds like the receiver here. What remote do you use? I think the GT2b replacement receivers can be acquired quite easily.

My guess is that some of the water splashed on the receiver pins and shorted out the connection that goes to the focbox or something along those lines. Do you have another controller/receiver that you could test it with?

I bought 2 enertion remotes, winning ones First failed on the first connection it just sparked and died, and now the second is dead… I will try to source an receiver somewhere… Could there be a short on focboxes side of the reciever? Since the reciever lights up… Is there an way to connect the reciever to uart port?

The module and the receiver both run off of the same buck converter so my first thought was that when you shorted the module, it shorted the buck converter. But if the receiver is still turning on with the focbox, then the buck converter must be ok.

I will get the multimeter from my car tomorrow and check the pins if they shorted…

Is the receiver turning on with the focbox or not?

It is, the fucker even pairs with the remote and bind function is working…

Do you by any change have a simple servo tester ?

Guess the buck converter is not fried then.

Nah, I dont…

Did you consider the burnt hm10 module on the uart port? Maybe something is dead there… Would it affect the remote?

I don’t think so but I’m no electronics expert either

Could water splash damage the sensor pcb? Since Im getting failed results on sensor detection in foc and bldc

You better chance is to clean the PCB and the contacts with isopropyl alcohol

Recievers problem solved, but the sensors dont work for some reason, lets see how its to ride without them… Could water damage them?

A short kills sensors almost everytime :frowning:

For some reason i can start slowly motor is quieter, now i only hear my non aligned chain :smiley: I also switched to foc and am riding with no problems

All problems solved, idk how to close this